Conquer the Island



A new trigger map from War Craft III TFT. Enjoy!



Conquer The Island Version 3.0 FINAL

You can find an exact copy of this document at http://techknickle.tripod.com/howtoplay.htm

By: Tech-Knickle, My-Team-Is-Noob, Tech-Nawlogy, and Fodor1


    *  The commander
          - Each team has one commander, the commander is the leader of the team. Only the commander can build the base, and the commander's primary job is to defend the base and make sure his soldiers stay on task and get the required supplies that they need (I.E. AI, Money, etc...).
          - The commander is a different and much stonger soldier than the others, but he is not supposed to go off and fight the enemy, his primary job is to provide a stable and safe base for his teammates, scout for different base locations, move around the MHQ safely without it being able to be hit by an enemy rocket, and provide his soldiers with leadership.
          - Each commander will start with the MHQ (Moblie Head Quarters) which is necessary to build the buildings. The MHQ is easily the most important object in the game, without the MHQ early on, there is little chance of winning the game. The MHQ places and constructs the buildings, and can be killed very easily (by a single rocket), so it should be protected and confined by the walls of the base.

    * The Soldier
          - Each team can consit of any amount of soldiers. Generally, the more soldiers to any given team, the better off the team is... So it is a general rule to try and keep the teams as even as possible when playing CTI.
          - The soldier's primary jobs are to capture towns, fight the enemy and attack their base, and provide minimal base defense. A steady and constant mixture of both town capturing and base attacks will provide a more-than-adequate amount of force to win the game.
          - As a soldier, you move slowly on foot. To move around the map faster, buy transport. Jeeps and hummers are the cheapest forms of quick transport, although Chinooks (air transport) are more effecient but a lot more expensive. Transport is key to moving around and nabbing towns faster than your enemy.
          - If a soldier dies, he must wait 30 seconds to respawn, and he must respawn at his base or where ever the MHQ is at the time. Both soldiers and commanders do respawn, but neither of them are able to have respawnable AI. If an AI soldier dies, another one may be purchased in it's place. 

    * Towns
          - Capturing towns is an essential part of CTI. You can win by capturing all of the available towns on the map. Not only do towns provide one way to victory, but towns also provide another essential element to the game; income. Without towns, your team will have no income. The more towns that your team has, the more income your team will recieve. The commander recieves the majority of the money usually (although he/she can set the amount of income lower for himself and higher for his soldiers with a typed command) from the towns. One-time income comes from destroying enemy vehicles, armor, and air.
          - Currently, there are 7 towns available for our CTI map. Each town is unique, and some are harder to capture than others. The harder the town is to capture, the more income a team will recieve for capturing that town. With having higher income for one town, that town will also have a higher priority on the map, thus making it the most populated area on the map.

    * Base
          - As I mentioned earlier, the commander builds the team's base. The base is composed of several buildings and AI's mounting defensive positions. The base should be as hard as possible to penetrate, and the MHQ should be heavily guarded within the base walls.
          - CTI gives you the ability to spawn your team somewhere randomly on the map, thus making your position a lot less likely to be found early on in the game, and also this makes for much more exciting elements of the game like base hunting and reconissance.
          - Each base should provide a soldier with security, and necessary supplies that he needs in order to capture towns effectively. A good base location is also necessary; with a well-hidden and well-defended base, it will be very hard for the enemy to win by destroying you, thus putting the emphasis on the capturing of the towns.

    * Victory/Defeat
          - Victory
                + A victory can be achieved currently in one of two different ways.
                + One way a victory can be achieved, is to completely destroy the enemy. By completely destroy, I mean you only have to kill their MHQ, and all of their factories. Technically, you do not have to destroy the enemy's defensive structures to win in the game of CTI.
                + The other way a victory can be achieved is to capture and hold all of the towns at one time. If either team captures and holds all towns on the map, the taht team will win the game. 
          - Defeat
                + Obviously the defeat is the opposite of the Victory, so I don't need to explain how you lose in CTI. 

    * Tips, Strats, and about.
          - It is always good to mix it up in a game of CTI. CTI is a very involved game that can last anywhere from fifteen minutes to three hours if played correctly with semi-experienced members playing. The game will stay fun all of the way through if you understand the different elements and aspects of the game.
          - A great tip for any game of CTI is to scout for a good base location. Depending on the point of spawn and the point of enemy spawn, you have several options. You could stay at spawn and build there, this will get your base up quickly but an experienced player will be able to find your base quickly and attack it while it is still in it's development stage.
          - Putting AI soldiers around the base will keep your base defend well, but remember that you need to hold onto your towns to get money! Placing AI in towns to hold your towns will not only keep them yours for a while, but will also make your enemy think twice before coming to assault your towns, thus leaving you with room to expand your base.
          - Multiple base locations has a lot of advantages and disadvantages. With multile base locations, the enemy will not ever be focused on one centralized base to attack, but several all over the map, thus stretching their forces thin. With several bases, however, your base is more likely to be attacked successfully, and moving the MHQ around a lot is never a good idea without some cover and a safe place to move it to.
          - A good strategy is to move your base close to the enemy's base in order to keep up a constant attack on it. The only problem with this is that the enemy will also be close enough to attack your base. If you are winning the game and have the majority of the towns, but just cannot finish off your enemy, you should use this strategy.
          - An early air assault can definately wreak havoc on your enemies. Along with an armor attack for ground troops, this assault team is nearly unstoppable. This cannot happen early in the game because the stuff costs a lot of money.

          - This map was created entirely from scratch by Tech-Knickle, Tech-No (a.k.a. My-Team-Is-Noob), and Tech-Nawlogy. This write-up was by me, Tech-Knickle; the brains of the operation. Any questions or comments can be emailed to me at [email protected]
          - Thank you for taking interest in the game of CTI, we are looking forward to your comments and we are also looking forward to the release of our BETA map for testing, and the our final version with the bugs knocked out.

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