Creatures of the Night



"What is Creatures of the Night?" you're probably wondering. Well this project began on November 6th 2002, at first, I wanted to test out various stuff to get feedback from Wc3campaigns. Unexpectedly, people started telling "Wow Insaniteus better watch out 'cause DaemonKillar's COTN is simply astonishing!". Because of such a positive feedback, I started to work even more on this fabulous project even more, which is nearly the accomplishment of a dream.

"And what is that dream?" you're probably telling to yourself now. This is someting i've always wanted to experience. Of course it's not yet accomplished, but partly. I've always dreamt of being able to look at something that's really really appreciated by the public and be able to tell myself "hey, see that thing everyone's talking about? Well you should be proud, because you're the reason it came to life." So by doin this, I'm kind of showing off what I can do using a very limited budget/software. Can you imagine what I could do using powerful tools? I've always wanted to work on large-scale projects, such as LotR or maybe Blizzard projects. Who knows? Maybe when you'll be playing Warcraft IV, you'll see my name in the credits ;).

This file contains:

Part 1: Strange sounds have been heard in the graveyard near the small village of Felroth... Just as if the dead was living again....

Part 2: Inside BulmingHam Castle... You must extract this file in your maps/cotn/ folder, else the map transition will not work.

Part 3 5 days later... I've had problems with the automatic map switching so you'll have to do this manually, sorry for this :)


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