Darkened Days

First and foremost, I found this to be the longest RPG I have EVER played. It has 10 chapters, full of tedious, mind numbingly long battles,...


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First and foremost, I found this to be the longest RPG I have EVER played. It has 10 chapters, full of tedious, mind numbingly long battles, and a whole boatload of swooping cameras in cinematics. While the story is good, and the map is well made, I really think all units should be given a lot more damage, just to speed up the game, because seriously, with every little enemy I had to kill it was like trying to kill a castle with a footman in terms of time, its just not realistic. But, on a lighter note, the story was good, the terrain detail was superb, and it looks like a small language was created for some characters so the map does have its good parts.

Download if you can find someone to take a day of thier time to play this with you.

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Download 'darkened_days_final_version.zip' (472KB)

Darkened Days: Final Version

Created by: The_Hunter
E-Mail: Furbie360v@hotmail.com

- To install Darkened Days, simply unzip the file to your warcraft III in 
the /maps folder.
So when you start up Warcraft III, search your /maps directory and start 

- This is an RPG of the purest form, so beware when you start playing.
It is not meant for people who love extreme high damage on their heroes, 
like gods destroying enemies in 1 hit.
As mentioned before, this is a SERIOUS RPG and it will be very hard for 
people who arent used to play serious games.
Dont judge too soon, it is not because you start with 15 mana only, that 
your hero is useless.
Start with a skill that doesnt use mana or just a little. This was done on 
purpose, because the skills are just too powerfull to use from start.
The game also starts slow, but speeds up when chapter 4 arrives, resulting 
in a whole different style of gameplay where action suddenly takes over.
This is also because your skills get their full power by then.
Heroes can get level 15, but this is more for 1 or 2 players, since 5 
players can never ascend above 10 or 11 at last chapter.

- Some Technical tips:
	- At the beginning, you get a chance to "skip" the intro, writing down 
"skip" will add your vote and most votes wins.
	- After that, you get the option to skip ALL the movies in the game, this 
is meant for players who already finished the story and dont want to see the 
movies over and over again. Simply writing "short" will skip the movies.
	- When you get a quest item, carry it with you and get as close as possible 
to the person/object that needs the item.

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