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It's been a long time since we've seen any updates to this map, the last one to be offered was Dh- Neo's DDay: Judgement (v19....


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It's been a long time since we've seen any updates to this map, the last one to be offered was Dh- Neo's DDay: Judgement (v19.9b); It would appear that there is now a new team that has picked up the torch to improve your WarCraft III gaming experience! Introducing the talent from the Ddayteam!

DDay: Judgement is a multiplayer map, although it can be played for testing purposes in single player, it is designed as a team vs team game. Here we have what a good many of you have been waiting for, some more spectacular enhancements to DDay! Once again, this map has been improved, and by far, the best version is right here!

Some enhancements to look forward to include:

  • Game balance is improved
  • New items
  • Improved Sacrifice (Angel)
  • Improved Volcanic Shard(Blazefury) damage formula
  • Improved Voodoo Sheild (shadow hunter)
  • New spells added
  • And more

Some new additions included in this version are:

  • Added GGC logo on loading screen
  • Added new item Enflaming Decapitator
  • Added new item Mark of ultimate Warrior
  • Added new item Vampiric Potion
  • Added new item Wirt's other leg
  • Added new spell Blood of fallen Commandante (Orcki)
  • Added new spell Deathly Insects (Dendrodeath)
  • Added new spell Endless time recovery(Garan)
  • Added new spell Flesheaters Attack (Murloc)
  • Added new spell Gods Lance (Warmaster)
  • And a whole lot more...

There have also been some fixes made:

  • Fixed Demonic Impale Lenght problem
  • Fixed Disease Aura Bug
  • Fixed Sniper corpse problem
  • Fixed Strenght of Justice bug
  • Fixed Bloody hit missle speed
  • Fixed CL tome of retraining bug
  • And more...

With new developers, come fresh new ideas, this can never be a bad thing, all the luck with the new crew!

Refer to the readme for a whole plethora of information.

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Download 'jday199f.rar' (2.72MB)

Visit Official Site at http://www.ddayworld.com/

D-DAY: Judgement Authors:

First: Monky & Armafire
Second: eScpy
Third: Dh-Neo
Now: Ddayteam

3Corridors Authors:
ilPal and Zigzager

3Corridors D-DAY (until 10.5p) Author:

Modelling, skinning and beta testing:
Q, Freddd, Dh-Marshall, Strife, Legion, Defiant, Ekin, Fish, Grumpyboi

Credits goes to all those helping in the making of this great map. We like to thanks to all the players, beta testers, ppl who supported us, and also big thanks goes to those who hate us.

If you can play Warcraft 3 online, then add 10% more power needed for processing so many news skins, heroes, effects, and you'll be able to play without lagging. I would recommend though at least Pentium 4 1.8Ghz with GeForce 3 Ti200, 256MBytes RAM and at least 128kbits cable connection for better game experience.

What is D-DAY: Judgement ?
It's a custom map, created for Warcraft 3 - Frozen Throne. It's a multiplayer map, although it can be played for testing purposes in single player.
D-DAY: Judgement is a team vs team game. The game balance is improved on every version, new item, heroes and spells are added.

D-DAY: Judgement Features:
-78 heroes (Califax, Damar, Blazefury, Nazgel, Rapha The Healer, Jaina Proudmoore, Muradin Bronzebeard, Malfurion, Tyrande Whisperwind, Illidan, Sylvanas Windrunner, Medivh, Jim Raynor, Lord Garithos, Mayev, Tanin Hawking, Sinjo Honeybrew, Yogi Yellowstone, Medic, Cyrax, Magtheridon, Admiral Proudmoore, Duke Nukem, Captain America, Angel, Dendroid King, Angeline, Kabal, Garan, Stoner, St. Anger, Hulk, Lulu, Wolverine, Mercury, Caine Bloodhoof , Gul'dan, Grom Hellscream, Thrall, Arthas, Kel'Thuzad, Mal'Ganis, Archimonde, Mur Slimemouth, Zuhx The Explorer, Sammy Smittereens, Lady Vashj, Sylvanas, Shaka-Zahn, Arak-arahm, Hell Fire Infernal, Mannoroth, Zolt The General, Kil'Jaeden, Prince Of Legion, Terminator, Diabolist, Takada, Kryton, Inferno, Zagg, Dendrodeath, Buzzdook, Hell'nar, Orcki, BioDread)
-200 spells and more (Holy Light, Storm Bolt, Endurance Aura, Earthquake, Blizzard, Ice Ele., Brilliance Aura, Duplicate, Storm Bolt, Thunder Clap, Bash, Avatar, Entangle, Force Of Nature , Thorns Aura, Tranquility, Firebolt, Searing Arrow, Trueshot Aura, Earthquake, Demonic Ensnare, Manaburn, Critical Strike, Metamorphosis, Shockwave, Cold Arrow, Devotion Aura , Reincarnation, Carrion Swarm, Rejuvenation, Feral Spirit, Raven Morph, Guardian, Wind Walk, Critical Strike, Stars Call, ManaBurn, Call To Arms, Evasion, Charge, Fan of Knives, Blink, Shadow Strike, Vengeance, Flamestrike, Banish, Siphon Mana, Phoenix, Breath of Fire, Drunken Haze, Drunken Brawler, Storm,Wind & Fire, Bear Metamorph, Roar, Scout, Voodoo Spirits, Healing Wave, Holy Light, Devotion Aura, Tranquility, Chain Lightning, Silence, Evasion, Fury, Forked Lightning, Monsoon, Entangling Roots, Death & Decay, Summon Bear, Holy Light, Critical Strike, Sword Master, Shockwave, Mirror Image, Endurance Aura, Kaboom, Shield Of Justice, Armor Of Justice, Fist Of Justice, Strength Of Justice, Lightwave, Divine Shield, Fire Nova, Sacrifice, Bird Of Pray, Shields Of Ancients, Roots Bash, Nature Wraith, Ghost Eye, Healing Wave, Ghost Walk, Atomic Shadow, Bloody Hit, Berserker, Endurance Aura, Avatar, Holy Light, Scout, Manaburn, Tornado, Stone Boulder, Summon Stonners, Devotion Aura, Rain Healing, Summon Tuskarrs, Fire Blast, Critical Strike, Elemental Fury, Rage, Terror, Anger, Meteorite, Mimics, Fire, Brilliance Aura, Aeon, Claws Attack, RegenX, Evasion, Savage, CyberWave, Mana Feedback, Healing Wave, Cyberquake, Shockwave, War Stomp, Endurance Aura, Reincarnation, Death Coil, Fire Elemental, Brilliance Aura, Tranquility, Shockwave, Mirror Image, Critical Strike, Bladestorm, Chain Lightning, Feral Spirit , Command Aura, Earthquake, Death Coil , Manaburn, Unholy Aura, Animate Dead, Frost Nova, Frost Armour , Mirror Image, Death & Decay, Carrion Swarm , Demonic Sleep, Vampiric Aura, Mimic, Firebolt, Raise Dead, Bash, Inferno, Hurl Boulder, Cannibalize, Disease Aura, Murloc Mutant, Ensnare, Thunderclap, Critical Strike, Finger Of Death, Wind Walk , Goblin Mine , Evasion, Kaboom! , Forked Lightning, Frost Arrow, Manashield, Tornado, Silence, Black Arrow, Life Drain, Doom, Healing Wave, Hex, Serpent Ward, Stampede, Impale, Spiked Carapace, Carrion Beetle, Locust Swarm, Rain Of Fire, Firebolt, Sum. Fire Elemental, Inferno, ManaBurn, Divine Shield, Spirit Beast, Animate Dead, Ensnare, Immolation, Cleaving Atack, Avatar, FireBolt, Thunder Clap, Vertigo, Meteor Fall, Legion Attack, Raise Dead, Command Aura, Doom Call, Detonation, Blink, Evasion, Finger Of Death, Impale, Banish, Manashield, Massive ManaBurn, Wind Walk , Fan Of Knives, Evasion, Ninja Strike, Doom Lightning, Disease Aura, Revenger, Locust Infection, Hell Fire, Death Lance, Endurance Aura, Death Call, Ballistic Attack, Cleaving Attack, Banish, Zagg Element, Corruption, Raise Dead, Critical Strike, Ancient Sasquatch, Killer Ball, Fast Time, Frost Nova, Copycat, Firekill, Rest In Hell, Vampiric Aura, Damnation, Trapper, Mammoth Guard, Speed Aura, Steal Soul, CyberHand, Biodefense, Tech Attack, Starsphere)
-more than 100 items
-mercenary camps
-alchemy workshop
-summoning altars
-special events (D-Day, Winged Invasion, The Judge, Massive Attacks, Creep Waves)
-special abilities and creeps
-special structures and advanced towers
-innovative selection system
-innovative leaderboard
-advanced tactics and terrain
-plus, it's free, it's fun to play with friends

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