DDay: Judgement

Here we have what a good many of you have been waiting for! Once again, this map has been improved! By far, the best version is right here...


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Here we have what a good many of you have been waiting for! Once again, this map has been improved! By far, the best version is right here! Dh-Neo has returned once again with an updated version of this custom map, created for Warcraft 3 - The Frozen Throne. This is a multiplayer map, although it can be played for testing purposes in single player.

DDAY: Judgement is a team vs team game. The game balance is improved with every version, new items, heroes and new spells are added. Once again, a great map is greatly improved!

Some of the features found in this version are: special events (D-Day, Winged Invasion, The Judge, Massive Attacks, Creep Waves) special abilities and creeps mercenary camps advanced tactics and terrain

Some chamges in this version: New Loading Screen Decreased Slow Poison Damage for Snap Dragons Increased Blood Mage Base Damage to 22-30 Increased Forest Troll Shadow Priest Attack Type to Magic Increased Frost Armor Mana Cost to 60 Increased Armour of Mages Mana Bonus to 10 Increased Force Field's Duration to 3, 4, 5, 6 Increased Scroll of Town Portal Stock Refresh Increased Goblin Mine Cooldown 4 Ability Runes Available

Don't be the last one on your street to download this map, get it now! Be sure to check out the new website as well: http://www.ddayworld.com

Refer to the readme for more information.

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Download 'jday198f.rar' (4.13MB)

Visit Official Site at http://www.ddayworld.com/

D-DAY: Judgement Authors:

First: Monky & Armafire
Second: eScpy
Now: Dh-Neo

3Corridors Authors:
ilPal and Zigzager

3Corridors D-DAY (until 10.5p) Author:

Modelling, skinning and beta testing:
Q, Freddd, Dh-Marshall, Strife, Legion, Defiant, Ekin, Fish, Grumpyboi

Credits goes to all those helping in the making of this great map. We like to thanks to all the players, beta testers, ppl who supported us, and also big thanks goes to those who hate us.

If you can play Warcraft 3 online, then add 10% more power needed for processing so many news skins, heroes, effects, and you'll be able to play without lagging. I would recommend though at least Pentium 4 1.8Ghz with GeForce 3 Ti200, 256MBytes RAM and at least 128kbits cable connection for better game experience.

What is D-DAY: Judgement ?
It's a custom map, created for Warcraft 3 - Frozen Throne. It's a multiplayer map, although it can be played for testing purposes in single player.
D-DAY: Judgement is a team vs team game. The game balance is improved on every version, new item, heroes and spells are added.

D-DAY: Judgement Features:
-78 heroes (Califax, Damar, Blazefury, Nazgel, Rapha The Healer, Jaina Proudmoore, Muradin Bronzebeard, Malfurion, Tyrande Whisperwind, Illidan, Sylvanas Windrunner, Medivh, Jim Raynor, Lord Garithos, Mayev, Tanin Hawking, Sinjo Honeybrew, Yogi Yellowstone, Medic, Cyrax, Magtheridon, Admiral Proudmoore, Duke Nukem, Captain America, Angel, Dendroid King, Angeline, Kabal, Garan, Stoner, St. Anger, Hulk, Lulu, Wolverine, Mercury, Caine Bloodhoof , Gul'dan, Grom Hellscream, Thrall, Arthas, Kel'Thuzad, Mal'Ganis, Archimonde, Mur Slimemouth, Zuhx The Explorer, Sammy Smittereens, Lady Vashj, Sylvanas, Shaka-Zahn, Arak-arahm, Hell Fire Infernal, Mannoroth, Zolt The General, Kil'Jaeden, Prince Of Legion, Terminator, Diabolist, Takada, Kryton, Inferno, Zagg, Dendrodeath, Buzzdook, Hell'nar, Orcki, BioDread)
-200 spells and more (Holy Light, Storm Bolt, Endurance Aura, Earthquake, Blizzard, Ice Ele., Brilliance Aura, Duplicate, Storm Bolt, Thunder Clap, Bash, Avatar, Entangle, Force Of Nature , Thorns Aura, Tranquility, Firebolt, Searing Arrow, Trueshot Aura, Earthquake, Demonic Ensnare, Manaburn, Critical Strike, Metamorphosis, Shockwave, Cold Arrow, Devotion Aura , Reincarnation, Carrion Swarm, Rejuvenation, Feral Spirit, Raven Morph, Guardian, Wind Walk, Critical Strike, Stars Call, ManaBurn, Call To Arms, Evasion, Charge, Fan of Knives, Blink, Shadow Strike, Vengeance, Flamestrike, Banish, Siphon Mana, Phoenix, Breath of Fire, Drunken Haze, Drunken Brawler, Storm,Wind & Fire, Bear Metamorph, Roar, Scout, Voodoo Spirits, Healing Wave, Holy Light, Devotion Aura, Tranquility, Chain Lightning, Silence, Evasion, Fury, Forked Lightning, Monsoon, Entangling Roots, Death & Decay, Summon Bear, Holy Light, Critical Strike, Sword Master, Shockwave, Mirror Image, Endurance Aura, Kaboom, Shield Of Justice, Armor Of Justice, Fist Of Justice, Strength Of Justice, Lightwave, Divine Shield, Fire Nova, Sacrifice, Bird Of Pray, Shields Of Ancients, Roots Bash, Nature Wraith, Ghost Eye, Healing Wave, Ghost Walk, Atomic Shadow, Bloody Hit, Berserker, Endurance Aura, Avatar, Holy Light, Scout, Manaburn, Tornado, Stone Boulder, Summon Stonners, Devotion Aura, Rain Healing, Summon Tuskarrs, Fire Blast, Critical Strike, Elemental Fury, Rage, Terror, Anger, Meteorite, Mimics, Fire, Brilliance Aura, Aeon, Claws Attack, RegenX, Evasion, Savage, CyberWave, Mana Feedback, Healing Wave, Cyberquake, Shockwave, War Stomp, Endurance Aura, Reincarnation, Death Coil, Fire Elemental, Brilliance Aura, Tranquility, Shockwave, Mirror Image, Critical Strike, Bladestorm, Chain Lightning, Feral Spirit , Command Aura, Earthquake, Death Coil , Manaburn, Unholy Aura, Animate Dead, Frost Nova, Frost Armour , Mirror Image, Death & Decay, Carrion Swarm , Demonic Sleep, Vampiric Aura, Mimic, Firebolt, Raise Dead, Bash, Inferno, Hurl Boulder, Cannibalize, Disease Aura, Murloc Mutant, Ensnare, Thunderclap, Critical Strike, Finger Of Death, Wind Walk , Goblin Mine , Evasion, Kaboom! , Forked Lightning, Frost Arrow, Manashield, Tornado, Silence, Black Arrow, Life Drain, Doom, Healing Wave, Hex, Serpent Ward, Stampede, Impale, Spiked Carapace, Carrion Beetle, Locust Swarm, Rain Of Fire, Firebolt, Sum. Fire Elemental, Inferno, ManaBurn, Divine Shield, Spirit Beast, Animate Dead, Ensnare, Immolation, Cleaving Atack, Avatar, FireBolt, Thunder Clap, Vertigo, Meteor Fall, Legion Attack, Raise Dead, Command Aura, Doom Call, Detonation, Blink, Evasion, Finger Of Death, Impale, Banish, Manashield, Massive ManaBurn, Wind Walk , Fan Of Knives, Evasion, Ninja Strike, Doom Lightning, Disease Aura, Revenger, Locust Infection, Hell Fire, Death Lance, Endurance Aura, Death Call, Ballistic Attack, Cleaving Attack, Banish, Zagg Element, Corruption, Raise Dead, Critical Strike, Ancient Sasquatch, Killer Ball, Fast Time, Frost Nova, Copycat, Firekill, Rest In Hell, Vampiric Aura, Damnation, Trapper, Mammoth Guard, Speed Aura, Steal Soul, CyberHand, Biodefense, Tech Attack, Starsphere)
-more than 100 items
-mercenary camps
-alchemy workshop
-summoning altars
-special events (D-Day, Winged Invasion, The Judge, Massive Attacks, Creep Waves)
-special abilities and creeps
-special structures and advanced towers
-innovative selection system
-innovative leaderboard
-advanced tactics and terrain
-plus, it's free, it's fun to play with friends

Version Changes:

-New Loading Screen
-Runes Appearance Restored
-4 Ability Runes Available
-Rune of Bloodlust
-Rune of Inner Fire
-Rune of Invisibility
-Rune of Speed
-New Mode -NA (No All) Removed Helping Units and Items...
-All Modes now can only be set by Players 1(RED)/Player 7(Green)
-Enhanced Lulu Model's Functions
-Made Some Terrain Modifications
-Made Cloak of Flames 4 Levels
-New Combination Item: Magi Ring
-New Combination Item: Orb of the Darkmoon
-Fire Lance Now Requires Level 4 Cloak
-Balanced Frost Nova Damage
-Change Numerous Ability Icons
-Nerfed Evasion (Agility Heroes) to: 7%/11%/15%/19%
-Nerfed Evasion (Strength Heroes) to: 11%/15%/19%/23%
-Nerfed Divine Intervention Damage (Califax)
-Nerfed Cyberhand Stun Time
-Nerfed Critical Strike X %
-Nerfed Critical Strike X Multiplier
-Nerfed Evasion for All Heroes
-Nerfed Drunken Brawler's % Per Level
-Fixed Divine Intervention Cooldown Bug
-Fixed Omnislash Cooldown Bug
-Fixed Oxidization Cooldown Bug
-Fixed Volcanic Shard Cooldown Bug
-Fixed Critical X Cooldown Bug
-Fixed Critical X Teleport Bug
-Fixed Elemental Fury Cooldown Bug
-Fixed Outraged Ferocity Cooldown Bug
-Fixed Bloody Hit Description
-Fixed Rest In Hell Description
-Stoner's Ravage now Has 3 Levels
-Sammy's Smittereens Kaboom now Has 3 Levels
-Duke Nukem's Kaboom now Has 3 Levels
-Kael's Phoenix Now Has 3 Levels
-Buzzdook's Copycat Now Has 3 Levels
-Ghost's Death and Decay Now Has 3 Levels
-Lich's Death and Decay Now Has 3 Levels
-Moonblade's Moon Charge Now Has 3 Levels
-Ranger's Reincarnation Now Has 3 Levels
-Hulk's Meteorite Now Has 3 Levels
-Dendroid King's Nature Wraith Now Has 3 Levels
-St.Anger's Outraged Ferocity Now Has 3 Levels
-Thrall's Elemental Fury Now Has 3 Levels
-Kimahri's Fireline Now Has 3 Levels
-Warmaster's Fireline Now Has 3 Levels
-Lord Garithos' Ambush Now Has 3 Levels
-Angel's Sacrifice Now Has 3 Levels
-Mercury's Cyberstomp Now Has 3 Levels
-Captain America's Ultimate Now Has 3 Levels
-Angeline's Atomic Shadow Now Has 3 Levels
-Orcki's Trapper Now Has 3 Levels
-Nazgrel's Blazing Surge Now Has 3 Levels
-Blake's Blackstorm Now Has 3 Levels
-Arraka's Pain Under Now Has 3 Levels
-Kryton's Ravaging Infection Now Has 3 Levels
-Mur's Murloc Mutant Now Has 3 Levels
-Diabolist's Massive Mana Burn Now Has 3 Levels
-Biodread's Starsphere Now Has 3 Levels
-Dendrodeath's Ancient Sasquatch Now Has 3 Levels
-Inferno Now Has 3 Levels
-Removed Spell: Brilliance Aura (Lulu)
-Removed Sepll: Confusion (Diabolist)
-Removed Sepll: Devotion Aura (Medic)
-Removed Spell: Slow Aura (Kimahri)
-Removed Spell: Tornado (Lady Vashj)
-Removed Spell: Starfall (Jim Raynor)
-Removed Spell: Earthquake (Priestess)
-Added Spell: Fear Aura (Diabolist)
-Added Spell: Sagacity (Lulu)
-Added Spell: Light Aura (Medic)
-Added Spell: Oscillation (Kimahri)
-Added Spell: Tsunami (Lady Vashj)
-Added Spell: Fission Shell (Jim Raynor)
-Added Spell: Elune's Wrath (Priestess)
-Critical X Cooldown Increases by Level
-Cyberhand Cooldown Increases by Level
-Powered Goblin Zeppelin (Flying Transport) Stats
-Changed Deadly Roots Icon
-Changed Ambush Hotkey to U
-Fixed Yogi YellowStone's Button Positions
-Fixed Ghost Selection Description
-Fixed Succubus HP Conflict Between Holy and Damned
-Fixed Nature Wraith Description
-Fixed Deadly Roots Description
-Fixed Zolt's Ensnare Damage
-Fixed Summon Tuskarrs Description
-Fixed Dark Ranger Range to 650
-Fixed Demonic Shock Stun Time For Units
-Changed Wolverine - Mutant Icon
-Changed Fire Blast Icon - Tuskarr Master
-Changed Claws Attack Icon - Wolverine
-Increased Ghost Eye Damage
-Increased Wand of the Wind Price to 650/2
-Increased Silence Cooldown Slightly
-Increased Level 4 Serpent Ward Armor to 1
-Increased Ogre Mauler Damage
-Increased Ogre Mauler Armor
-Increased Cold Tower Bounty to 850
-Increased Sky Tear Bounty to 2000 Gold
-Increased Ensnare Cooldown
-Increased Goblin Mine Cooldown
-Increased Angel Start Hp to 515
-Increased Talisman of Evasion Price to 1500/15
-Increased Biogenerator Price to 3000 Gold
-Increased Red Dragon Whelp Stock to 5
-Increased Mountain King Model Size Slightly
-Increased Dreadlord Model Size Slightly
-Increased D-Day: Wirt's Leg Move Speed Bonus
-Increased Commanders' Hitpoints +1000
-Increased Commanders' Attack Speed
-Increased Commanders' Damage
-Increased Scroll of Town Portal Stock Refresh
-Increased Moonblade Damage to 31-39
-Increased Wolverine Damage to 36-42
-Increased Mana Burn Damage to 150, 250, 350, 450
-Increased Mana Burn Cooldown to 12, 13, 14, 15
-Increased Mana Burn Mana Cost to 90, 100, 110, 120
-Increased Level 2 Aeon Armor to 10
-Increased Tinker's Starting Hp to 650
-Increased Robo-Goblin's Mana Cost to 200
-Increased Robo-Goblin's Cooldown to 30 Seconds
-Increased Force Field's Duration to 3, 4, 5, 6
-Increased Force Field's Damage to 40, 50, 60, 70
-Increased Medic Damage to 33-39
-Increased Monsoon Cooldown to 20 Seconds
-Increased Lulu's Mimics Range to 170
-Increased Lulu's Mimics Attack Speed
-Increased Armour of Mages Mana Bonus to 10
-Increased Frost Armor Bonus to 5, 7, 9, 12
-Increased Frost Armor Cooldown to 10
-Increased Frost Armor Mana Cost to 60
-Increased Forest Troll Shadow Priest HP to 325
-Increased Forest Troll Shadow Priest Mana to 415
-Increased Forest Troll Shadow Priest Damage to 25-34
-Increased Forest Troll Shadow Priest Attack Type to Magic
-Increased Forest Troll Shadow Priest Attack Speed
-Increased Forest Troll Shadow Priest Armor to 2
-Increased Warden Base Intelligence to 18
-Increased Blood Mage Base Intelligence to 20
-Increased Blood Mage Base Damage to 22-30
-Increased Phoenix Armor to 12
-Increased Medic's Healing Wave Cooldown by 3 Seconds
-Decreased Kimahri Intelligence/Level to 1.5
-Decreased Slightly Admiral Meta Attack Speed
-Decreased Talisman of Evasion % to 15
-Decreased Phonix Egg Morphing Duration
-Decreased Slow Poison Damage for Snap Dragons
-Decreased Slow Poison Duration for Snap Dragons
-Decreased Monsoon Damage to 40, 60, 80, 100
-Decreased Armour of Gods Cost to 5000/80
-Decreased Forest Troll Shadow Priest Cost to 77 Gold
-Decreased Hulk Terror to 15, 25, 35, 45
-Decreased Hulk Terror Cooldown a Bit
-Decreased Tinker Starting Intelligence to 18

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