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What is DDay ? It's a custom map, created for Warcraft 3 - Frozen Throne. It's a multiplayer map, although it can be played for...


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What is DDay ? It's a custom map, created for Warcraft 3 - Frozen Throne. It's a multiplayer map, although it can be played for testing purposes in single player. DDay: Judgement is a team vs team game. The game balance is improved on every version, new item, heroes and spells are added.

The setup is rather complicated if you do not have it set already, the readme offers detailed instructions

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Readme File:
What is DDay ?
It's a custom map, created for Warcraft 3 - Frozen Throne. It's a multiplayer map, although it can be played for testing purposes in single player. DDay: Judgement is a team vs team game. The game balance is improved on every version, new item, heroes and spells are added. 

DDay: Judgement Authors: DDAY TEAM
Previous Authors: Monky
3Corridors Authors: ilPal and Zigzager 
3Corridors D-DAY Author: Toosalty & Armafire 
Additional helpers: DDAY World members.

This map has a long history (arround 2 years), improved every time, everyone adding their experience within this map. For now, the biggest map modder on this map is the community. DDay: Judgement is created by peoples requests, it's been balanced every version, every version new features are added, new spells, new items, more strategy involved, and so on. Here is full changelog. 

More experiences, more strategies to be involved, all featuring a very good balance feature (as soon as the compare module for heroes/forces/spells will be put online). A voting sistem will allow players to choose the future upgrades, choose what hero deserves to stay in DDay or simply be erased. Online tournaments will also be centralised on www.ddayworld.com and clans will fight for a big prise. Tournament feature is in progress of research and implementing.

If you can play Warcraft 3 online with current patch from blizzard 1.18, good connection, recommends 128MB Graphic card, 1.6GHz+ CPU and of course 512MB memory for best playing experience.

With this new version: beside 84 heroes to select with about 300 spells assigned uniquely per hero, most bugs caused by new patch has been fixed and espcecially loading time and map size greatly reduced.  New spells with high tech from WoW such as blew hero to mid air or swift attack such as matrix.  There is more to learn and experience.  some items even now can uplevelable as the hero levels.

Help !
Q: What do i need to download DDay: Judgement maps ?
A: Only need to be registered member of the site. That's all ! 

Q: What are hardware requirements for DDay: Judgement ?
A: Usually about 10% more cpu/graphic power than needed for Blizzard Wacraft Frozen Throne ! 

Q: What upgrades/patches are required for me to play DDay: Judgement ? 
A: Usually the latest maps are based on latest Blizzard patches. 

Q: Where can i play DDay: Judgements maps ?
A: Anywhere you have installed the patches required by the map you've downloaded. We still keeping on server older versions, just for compatibility with older Blizzard patches. You can play it alone just for testing and learning, but you will need to play it online, either on PvPgn servers, either on B.Net servers. Or you can in LAN with your friends, just like any other custom map. Just check that everybody in LAN is using the same Warcraft patch.

Q: Where from can i get Blizzard patches?
A: Here is the direct link to the webpage. If the server seems slow, use www.google.com to search for file alternates (use War3TFT_118_English.exe as keyword for search - as an example). 

Q: Why i can't join PvPgn servers ?
A: Usually you need a special patch for connecting to different PvPgn servers. 

Q: Where can i get more informations about how to connect to Pvpgn or B.Net servers ?
A: Just go to this area of our forums. It's the HowTo section where you can find a lot of experts answers. 

Q: What servers i can play DDay ?
A: All Wacraft Frozen Throne servers that accept custom games. The one i usually go are:
1. XPAM / Address: server.eurobattle.net / Timezone: 1 (good for Europe players)
2. PIGC / Address: (good for Asian players)

Q: How can i add new servers in Warcraft ?
A: Use this tool from our download area: BnetGateWayEditor . 

Q: My computer lags very much although i have much higher specs than the requirements. Why ?
A: It's a multiplayer game, therefore there could be a lot of causes. Check your internet connection, clean you computer of spyware programs, also check for viruses. Plus, if the ping to hoster is bad, everybody will lagg. User ENTER key ingame and write this command /p and it will show the ping of all players. Usually a very good ping is arround 30-200ms. Good pings are usually 200-400. Still playable arround 400-500. Over that, the whole game will lagg. Although sometimes the server connection is bad, and the pings will not be shown accuratelly. I've seen players going very good although the server gave over 1000ms ping. Strange. 

Q: I have registered on DDayWorld site but i can't download. How to solve this ?
A: The file maps are not in .zip format. Some browsers (specially the old version ones) treat .w3x files like .html pages, or unkown type and try to open them as text. So, you just need to go into Download Area, use right click on the map file, and choose Save Target As in your drive:installation path:Warcraft 3:Maps:Download. This will prevent the browser to try to show the page instead of downloading it. 

Q: I downloaded a replay file for DDay and i don't know how to watch it !
A: Copy the file into your Warcraft directory, into the replay folder. Then start W3 and press the replay button, select the file and watch it. Take care, you will need the map and the patch required for that replay (for example, a DDay: Judgement 18.6b2 replay it's required the DDay: Judgement 18.6b2 map and Blizzard patch 1.18). Unfortunatelly Blizzard doesn't make compatibility between patches versions, so, you can never watch a replay made with Blizzard patch 1.15 in patch 1.18. 

Contact us:




  DDay: Judgment 18.6b2 
Description: 18.6b2
-reduce: map size
-reduce: loading time
-remove: loading screen
-remove: Mooouren skin
-remove: Nightmare skin
-remove: Mercury skin
-remove: Power Guardian model
-remove: Black Guardian model
-remove: Cannon model
-remove: Duke Nukem model
-remove: Kimahri model
-remove: Cyrax skin
-remove: Warmaster skin
-remove: Terminator model
-remove: Hulk skin
-remove: Captain America skin
-remove: Alien model
-remove: Mimic model
-remove: all icons
-added: Orb of Corruption uplevelable
-added: Orb of Fire uplevelable
-added: Orb of Lightning uplevelable
-added: Dwarf Car to replace Duke Nukem model
-added: Diablo Car to replace Terminator model
-added: Firelord to replace Kimahri model
-added: Goblin Alchemist to replace Alien model
-added: Centaur to replace Warmaster model
-added: Spell Breaker to replace Captain America model
-added: Shaman to replace Ninja model
-added: Dryad to replace Medic model
-added: heal 80% damage dealt to allies while hitting own allies
-added: "-lost" command to replace lost control hero
-added: Rune of Bloodlust
-added: Rune of Illusion
-event: Runes are placed randomly at battlefield
-event: more Cannons wave
-spell: Frost Strike for Admiral
-spell: Uppercut for Zolt
-spell: Earth Slam for Mannoroth
-spell: Jump Strike for Grom
-spell: Swift Attack for Mayev
-spell: Darkness Aura for Kil'jaeden
-spell: Money Steal for Tanin & Kryton
-spell: Grenade for Sammy
-spell: Ice Wave for Sylvanas
-modify: before winged, revival time 4 secs per level (max 60)
-modify: after winged, revival time 6 secs per level (max 120)
-modify: Ultimate lvl6, lvl11, lvl16 (if any)
-modify: Blood Stone price at 2500 25
-modify: Claws of Attack got 5 levels
-modify: Force of Nature increase cooldown, reduce summons
-modify: nuke cast range to 1000
-modify: Infernal replace spawned Aliens
-modify: Dark Ranger Black Arrow Dark Minion upgraded
-modify: Raise Dead raise Skeleton Warriors & Skeletal Mage
-modify: Dark Ranger Doom can be cast on Hero
-modify: 15 secs cooldown for Wand of the Wind
-modify: Lieutenant moved to Mercenary Camp
-modify: old terrain restored
-modify: Orb of Corruption cost 1000 gold
-modify: delayed 5 secs for spawning Reef Elemental & Revenant of the Tides
-modify: Eldin (Spell Breaker) Critical Slash reduced to 200 bonus damage for 50%
-modify: Nightmare Clone Berserk removed
-fixed: Murloc Poison Claw reduce movement speed
-fixed: Dendroid King attack range to 650
-fixed: RegenX cooldown
-fixed: Orcki Steal Soul (Rare Bug)
-fixed: Lord Garithos Ambush no longer move Tentacle Tower Defense
-fixed: Tinker Robo form deal 3x damage to Tentacle Tower Defense
-fixed: Tinker Robo form no longer cost 5 food
-fixed: some descriptions
-fixed: some hotkeys
-fixed: some memory leaks

Version: 18.6b2 Filesize: 501.52 Kb

  DDay: Judgement 18.6b 
Description: -modify: dragonhawk max stock to 3
-modify: hulk anger to damage 250, stun 2.5, cooldown 8
-fixed: lvl 1 claws of attack +15
-fixed: lord garithos ambush no longer move allies & structure
-modify: lord garithos ambush damage to 300/500
-modify: kabal endurance cooldown
-added: orb of frost uplevelable
-remove: item charges stackable

Version: 18.6b Filesize: 2.82 MB

  DDay: Judgement 18.6 
Description: 18.6
-added: -rg (Random Game) mode
-remove: killing own creeps & buildings sleep
-added: share golds & lumbers evenly once a player has left the game
-modify: orb of lightning
-modify: new terrain
-modify: Ranger & Dark Ranger got bigger scaling
-modify: nuke price to 1500 gold 15 woods
-remove: moonblade skin
-remove: stealth skin
-remove: arraka skin
-remove: lulu skin
-remove: hellnar skin
-remove: sobe skin
-fixed: some description error
-changed: inferno's hellfire to blizzard
-changed: hell fire's rain of fire to blizzard
-modify: dragonhawk food to 8
-spell: 10 second kill to murloc
-spell: poison claw to murloc
-spell: ambush to lord garithos
-spell: beast call to kabal
-spell: endurance to kabal
-modify: bounty award for some towers
-added: item charges stackable
-added: claws of attack can uplevel
-restore: 0.02 attack speed per agility
-modify: cleaving attack to 40% splash damage
-modify: attribute bonus to 10 levels
-modify: biodread tech attack to 40% splash damage
-modify: orb of frost
-modify: orb of fire
-modify: medivh raven form model
-added: DDay loading screen
-modify: reduce repairer and long cooldown

Version: 18.6 Filesize: 2.82 MB

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