Deandra's Tale BRONZE edition

Fourteen thousand years ago, there was a young elf woman by the name of Deandra. She was a naive little girl who daydreamed about nonsensica...


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Fourteen thousand years ago, there was a young elf woman by the name of Deandra. She was a naive little girl who daydreamed about nonsensical girl stuff. Her father, the great Demon Hunter, Bael'Fury was bothered by this but nevertheless, raised her to become a warrior. The time came when she was brought to the Demon Hunting Academy at the tender age of three thousand.

There, Deandra met her crush that will crush all crushes, Illidan Stormrage. Illidan sadly did not reciprocate Deandra's feelings towards him. He seemed to have his eyes set on someone else named Tyrande Whisperwind. Luckily, Tyrande was going out with someone else - and that someone was his brother, Furion Stormrage! Anyway, on the night of the 'Blinding Yourself Ritual' she didn't show up! The following week everyone in Kalimdor was like, making up nasty rumors and stuff about her. Some say she was a coward, some said she could see demons better without the blinding, I don't know! Deandra didn't mind the bad rep she was getting just as long as she can see Illidan for the rest of eternity.

Our story begins two hundred years after Deandra’s disgrace from the Night Elf world, when the Burning Legion invaded the world..

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Suggested Players: 1 
Difficulty: Hard 
Number of Missions: 9 
  1: Chapter One, Part One - Prologue 
  2: Chapter One, Part Two - The Eye of Newt 
  3: Chapter One, Part Three - The Great Sundering 
  4: Chapter Two - Battle at the Barrens 
  5: Chapter Three - Bloodlust 
  6: Interlude - A Few Loose Ends 
  7: Chapter Four - Getting Medieval 
  8: Chapter Five - Epilogue 
  9: Disparate Gameplay Footage - World of Warcraft: Ironforge 


- Exquisite new and modified cutscenes!
- Most of the bugs/errors are now gone!
- Sort continues Joe's Quest series 'epic' storyline!
- Featuring unique oddball characters of Warcaft lore!
- Disparate Gameplay footage of 'World of Warcraft'!
- Much thanks to Lord_Soze and the rest of the DP Clan who no longer play Warcraft III!
- UPDATE: Ogre's Quest has been updated! Hopefully, most of the serious errors have been fixed.

Map Info: This is the tale of the Demon Huntress. Special thanks to Armel, Dreagon and Lord Soze.
WARNING! Contains mild language.

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