Defend Your Castle 2.5

power.You can use your abilities 1 for race ability and 1 Union ability.Objectives:1st objective is to protect your 2 Priest and Priestess....

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power.You can use your abilities 1 for race ability and 1 Union ability.Objectives:1st objective is to protect your 2 Priest and Priestess. It varies in your Team in Angel's you have Priest of Angel's and Priestess of Angel's while in Devils you havePriest of Devil's and Priestess of Devil's. Towers will defend your 2 Priest but that's not enough to hold the enemies attack.2nd objective is to kill the enemy Priests. Again It varies in your team. You shall team up with your team mates to attack and destroy their front gate and finish of their 2 priest but be careful about their level and the towers protecting them.How to play this:-Produce units by using your own production building.You can produce tanks, Melee, or Long-Ranged Unit.-Defend your Base and Castle by going to the front of the gate or in your production building. Be careful once your production building is destroyed you will lose easily.-Once your Front gate is destroyed you can backstab the enemy by destroying their gate and killing their Priest.Defend your castle by going inside near the towers so that you will not be shot.-Destroying the enemy production building will give you advantage in the battle. The enemies wont produce anymore.-Money is important. You can kill neutrals if you don't have teammates which gives money.-Plus 1 > 10 Money will be given every second of Game.-You can use your skills to protect your base or to help you to attack the enemy base. The First skill is limited only in an area. Like in orc it is only used to defend your base. The Second skill is the one which will give you advantage in battle once used All the enemies in battlefield will die. Cooldown is also important 6 minutes for First skill and 10 minutes for Second Skill.-You should use rally point. Rally point is used to make your produced unit move to the location where rally point is placed.-Once your 1 priest or priestess is dead protect your 2nd priest with many units until you secure the area. and then attack the enemy by means of backstab.-Please download it!!-JGGD

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