Demon World

demon_world.w3x —


forgotten in the wastes...This is a 2 player Melee map featuring several medium sized islands separated by the Twisting Nether but connected by bridges. Each player starts with immediate access to a single gold mine, but on each player's respective island there are an additional 3 goldmines. There are more goldmines elsewhere on the map, but these are guarded by creeps, of which there are many, including Demons, Fel Orcs, and the Broken Draenei minions of the Legion, all varying in difficulty.This map also features a smattering of Marketplaces, a single Tavern, a few Goblin Workshops to make movement easier, and a single Fountain of Health in the middle, guarded by a group of very strong Demon creeps.Tactically, this map is quite different to most other melee maps I've played. You start on an island with lots of creeps, a marketplace and a good few Goldmines. However, you cannot immediately expand as you are blocked either by a single group of very strong creeps or by multiple groups of weaker creeps. While one player has an easier time getting out and beyond their island, that player at the same time has less access to the center where all the goodies lie.There is an extensive number of creeps that, if not careful, will attack your base from the outset. Good luck!


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