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Boy this was fun. When testing this map with Jnaf we had so much fun (except he had 4 Heros and I had 2. *Sniff* *Sniff* *tear* tear*). It...


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Boy this was fun. When testing this map with Jnaf we had so much fun (except he had 4 Heros and I had 2. *Sniff* *Sniff* *tear* tear*). It was a well designed map and quite fun. Right off the bat you get Heros and you start fighting. You fight Lord Voldamort’s forces (did I spell that right?) and he really does give you a run for your money. In fact after a while you have to fight off many of his forces for a amount of time. And boy is it hard to try and command so many Heros at once. At first two was hard for me (remember I’m a newb), but later I had to command six different Heros and you don’t really want to see what happened that time. I would recommend that you have at least 3 players (2 Heros per player), but it works better with one hero per person. BTW, you hero will respawn after a time if the die. All in all this was a very fun map. I mean me and Jnaf really like it. Great Job!!

~dead FREAK and Jnaf (Jnaf only tested the map and told me a little of what to write in the review. LoL)

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D  D  E     P  P  A  A  R  R    T    MM MM  E     NN  N    T        O   O  F
D  D  EEE   PPP   AAAA  RRR     T    M M M  EEE   N N N    T        O   O  FFF
D  D  E     P     A  A  R R     T    M   M  E     N  NN    T        O   O  F
DDD   EEEE  P     A  A  R  R    T    M   M  EEEE  N   N    T         OOO   F

MM MM  Y   Y  S        T    E     R  R    I    E     R  R    I    E     S
M M M   YYY    SSS     T    EEE   RRR     I    EEE   RRR     I    EEE    SSS
M   M    Y        S    T    E     R R     I    E     R R     I    E         S
M   M    Y    SSSS     T    EEEE  R  R  IIIII  EEEE  R  R  IIIII  EEEE  SSSS

This is my map. It is the first map i have ever actually completed, and not all of the bugs are pulled out of it just yet. Once I get all of the bugs fixed, im gonna add movie at end and a bonus level.

To Install: Unzip this file into your Warcraft III directory:
Default is C:\Program Files\Warcraft III\Maps\Download

How to Play:

Once the game starts, the first thing you gotta do is get a spell from Hogwarts. Hogwarts is the castle to the left of your starting position. You cant miss it, it looks like a castle. Each spell has its own effects. You get two lumber in this version, so you can get 2 spells if you want.

To cast a spell, say the name of the spell in all lower case. After you cast a spell, a timer window will show up telling you how much time it takes to cast the spell. When the timer reaches 0, you can then cast the spell again.

	Alohomora: This spell is required. If you need to get through a door just say "alohomora". This will open most doors that are closed and u cant get through. make sure to check all doors if Alohomora doesnt open it.

	Silencio: This spell causes all enemies to not attack. It "silences" them from chanting spells. Say "silencio" to cast.

	Stupefy: This spell will instantly kill a targeted unit. This will kill almost anything that it is casted upon. To cast this spell, first say "stupefy" and then right-click on then unit you want to cast stupefy on. It takes some practice to master, but it is worth it.

	Petrificus Totalus: This is casted the same way you would cast Stupefy, but you say "petrificus totalus" instead. The other difference is that this spell will cause the unit you pick to become paralyzed, unable to move or attack. This spell also has a shorter recharge time than Stupefy

	Expecto Patronum: This is a unique spell. When you say "expecto patronum", it will create a Patronus Stag. This stag lasts only for a short 15 seconds, but is explicitly used for killing dementors. The stag can also attack other enemies, but not as strong against other enemies than dementors. Very useful in dementor-based ares, since it attacks super fast.

Remember, you can only cast a spell if you have learned that spell from Hogwarts.

	You can also upgrade your wands and robes. To upgrade wands, just say "-wand", or to upgrade robes, just say "-robe". The upgrades will affect all units under your control. Each upgrade costs 30 gold though, so if you can't get an upgrade even if u say -wand or -robe, make sure you have the 30 gold to spend it with.

This map was created by:

If you have any questions, or if you find any bugs, typos, or issues, please email me:

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