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DotA stands for “Defense of the Ancients”, it's a free mod for Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne. The purpose of the game is to de...


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DotA stands for “Defense of the Ancients”, it's a free mod for Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne. The purpose of the game is to defend your Ancient and try to destroy the opponents Ancient. The ancients are located deep in both bases, which are located at the top right and bottom left corners of the map. There are over 70 heroes that differ greatly in play style. Each of these heroes have been carefully designed so they are both balanced and unique.

This map is updated frequently, sometimes to add new heroes, fix bugs or to make a balance update. The strategies possible with DotA are pretty much endless, choosing the wrong item and hero combination can mean the difference between a win and a loss for your team. The gameplay in DotA Allstars can be classified as relatively fast because as the game progresses any small mistake you make can be fatal to the overall team

Some of the changes made to this version include: Fixed Spin Web from preventing Neutral Creep spawning. Added a few seconds to Aphotic Shield cooldown. Reworked the targeting system on Reality to a more natural one. Waveform manacost increased from 120 to 140/155/160/165 Primal Roar stun duration buffed a bit.

See the readme for a complete list of changes/fixes.

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Download 'dota_allstars_v6.34.w3x' (2.34MB)

* Spectre base damage reduced.
* Sanity's Eclipse mana cost reduced from 300/500/700 to 200/250/300.
* Reduced duration of Spectral Dagger's hero trail and initial cast trail durations.
* Buffed Macropyre from 75/100/125 to 75/125/175 damage per second.
* Broodmother now has vision directly underneath her webs.
* Fixed a probability error on multicast when using Scepter.
* Reduced the extremely large cast range on Aphotic Shield.
* Reworked Tango a bit.
* Fixed Spin Web from preventing Neutral Creep spawning.
* Added a few seconds to Aphotic Shield cooldown.
* Reworked the targeting system on Reality to a more natural one.
* Fixed a minor camera issue with Replicate.
* New icons for Witchcraft, Naix's Poison Sting, Rhasta's Forked Lightning, Razor's Chain Lightning, Laser, Grow, Overpower, Shukuchi and Static Field (thx to snork, Grujah.Noob, alfredx_sotn, M3Th0dz and switch).
* Improved the detection area and reduced the freeze delay on IcePath.
* Troll Warlord now has increased movement speed while in Berserker Rage form.
* Hoof Stomp AOE improved from 275 to 315.
* Replaced Vengeance with a new ability (thx eva00r)
* Silencer's movement speed reduced from 300 to 290.
* Waveform manacost increased from 120 to 140/155/160/165
* Primal Roar stun duration buffed a bit.
* Reworked the numbers, angles and some mechanics on the Bristleback ability.
* Chain Frost cast range reduced from 800 to 750. Scepter version increased from 800 to 850.
* Removed Stout Shield from Aegis recipe.
* Nerfed the AOE and damage on Quill Spray.
* Fixed a fatal error when using Fissure on map edges.
* Nether Ward now gives a gold when killed.
* Fixed a bug with Dispersion that caused it to reflect too much damage off Culling Blade.
* Fixed a bug with IcePath that would cause it to sometimes go shorter or longer.
* CK's Blink Strike now works like the one PA and SA have.
* Fixed Blackhole to properly affect the Spirit Bear.
* Increased the maximum number of Watchers.

6.32b Changelog:
* Fixes various small bugs that needed attention for league play.
* Also fixed an abusable exploit. (thanks to M3Th0dz for being discrete
about it)

6.32 Changelog:
* Courier Chicken now has an ability to drop all items on it (to allow for
undroppable items to be removed without trouble).
* Fixed Adaptive Strike to not push Roshan.
* Fixed Replicate typos.
* Fixed an endless Waveform bug.
* Creep spawn in -mm is now delayed a bit to give more time to buy after
getting your hero.
* Fixed a bug with repicking while in Waveform
* Watchers no longer die when Weaver dies. They also have better night
* Slight improvement in Waveform range and reduced mana cost . Its a bit
faster now too.
* Morphling movespeed from 275 to 285.
* Fixed the sell cost of Hand of Midas.
* Fixed a bug with Return doing damage to Serpent Wards.
* Fixed Chainfrost bouncing off of Deathward.
* Fixed a bug where Astral Imprisonment lasted a bit longer than 4 seconds.
Reduced casting range from 700 to 550.
* Lina's movespeed increased from 290 to 300.
* Fixed a vision bug when combining -sp and observer mode (thanks kamonzim)
* Minor damage increase and stun duration decrease to Ravage.
* Restored SA in obs mode after fixing a bug with him.
* Fixed Essence Aura triggering off of 0 manacost Detonate
* Replicate target now maintains the color of the hero it replicated.
* Adaptive Strike improved (the concept will be further improved later on)
* -swaphero time limit extended a bit for -lm
* Scroll of Teleportation replenish interval increased a bit.

6.31 Changelog:
* Morphling remake.
* Recoded Grow to not refresh cooldowns.
* Improved the top left Scourge terrain to make things a bit more fair for the Scourge side.
* Mac disconnect bug fixed (as far as i can tell from my limited mac testers).
* New Trigger prevents Furion or Ignis from teleporting into the base if no allied creeps are there.
* Leavers' gold is now properly distributed throughout the game as they gain gold.

* Smokescreen duration decreased from 7 seconds to 6 seconds.
* Paralyzing casks now deals damage to creeps.
* Headshot doesn't work on allied units.
* Reduced the Dual Breath's range to match the animation, mana cost increased.
* Witchdoctor's attack animation improved.
* Bounty Hunter wind walk damage and mana cost improved.
* Mask of Madness recipe cost reduced by 50 gold.
* Tossed unit takes less damage now, but damage improves with Grow when it is an enemy (thanks Mare05).
* Arcane Orb's damage type is now magical (a nerf).
* Eul's Cyclone duration from 5 to 4 seconds.
* Last word AOE from 500/600/700/800 to a constant 700.
* Scepter can now be made by anyone, but only improves the ultimates of the ones listed.
* Assassinate level 3 cooldown from 5 seconds to 10 seconds.
* Split Earth casting range increased from 525 to 650.
* Viper's Poison Attack manacost reduced from 30 to 20.
* Necro'lic's Level 3 Revenants are now spell immune.
* Leviathan's Ravage from 250/350/500 to 200/300/400 damage and duration buffed from 1/1/1 to 1.4/1.8/2.2 seconds.
* Slithereen Crush area increased by 50.
* Nightstalker's Base Attack Cooldown improved to 1.7 like most other heroes. Small armor boost as well.
* Greater Hawk's Truesight is removed, but it gains Permanent Invisibility.
* Hand of God's cooldown from 70 to 120 seconds. Manacost from 150/200/250 to 200/300/400.
* Aegis is now undroppable (this is probably temporary while a chargeless version is thought out)

* Fixed a rare bear item drop bug.
* Fixed a minor bug with Wild Axes that causes Rexxar to become slowed if they hit a unit with Frost Armor.
* Fixed a bug that allowed you to get two heroes by repicking during astral imprisonment
* Fixed a -sc pathing issue
* Fixed a minor bug with obs mode.
* Fixed a Spirit Breaker bug with charge of Darkness movespeed in -dm.
* Diabolic Edict no longer causes its caster to take return damage or get slowed from Frost Armor.
* Fixed a Timewalk error when trying to timewalk into Blackhole.
* Fixed various range neutral creep camp abuses.
* Fixed a bug with Lothar's Edge that did "50!" text after breaking Windwalk.
* Fixed an observer mode bug, the old missle through fog vision.
* Fixed a bug with Astral Imprisonment where the int drain doesn't get restored if the unit is dead 60 seconds after cast.
* Fixed a minor Haunt target buff bug.
* Fixed a bug with a fast "swaphero and repick" combination that allowed you to have two heroes.
* Fixed the damage area on Sanity's Eclipse. It was a constant 325, unlike the effect and tooltip aoe.
* Divine Rapier recipe now costs 2 lumber instead of just 1.


Install to:
C:\Program Files\Warcraft III\Maps\Download

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