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Another Excellent Defense of the Ancients Map! Definitly Download worthy!


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Another Excellent Defense of the Ancients Map! Definitly Download worthy!

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-Fixed cranium basher mixup with ranged and melee hereos
-Fixed counterhelix destroying stuff like rhasta wards and remote wards
-New powerup
-New Item
-Major revamp to necronomicon
-Recoded Poison Nova to multiinstance, so refresher allowed again
-Changed Dark Flame to a new ability
-Changed Entrench to a new ability
-Improved Ogre Magi Ultimate, it now has parts of his old ultimate and current

-Improved odds check for Greaterbash and also gave it a 2 second cooldown
-Changed the greaterbash and charge stuns so you do not lose hero control
-Increased mana cost on Netherstrike from 100 to 175
-Charge of darkness cooldown increased by 10 seconds
-Berserker call aoe changed from 250/300/350/400 to 100/150/200/250
-Fixed bug where overpower would not last full duration
-Enrage no longer hits towers towers
-Improved Ravage execution
-Fixed Double Aegis bug
-Desolator from 60->50 damage
-Mekansm nerfed (small nerfs in various areas)
-Moderate increase to BoT recipe cost and cooldown but also +5 extra move speed
-Scepter now gives +30 int up from +25 int
-All hero descriptions (stats/range/etc) complete. Thanks to Trystero and Fan Fiction participants for their help.
-Allies no longer trigger counterhelix
-DK can now use -recreate
-Dominate is now temporary control, 20 minutes (Helps against certain abuses)
-Pulse Nova- Fixed spam abuse and made the damage over a smoother interval
-Increased warpath duration from 6 to 10 seconds and ias to 150%
-Buffed Nasal Goo
-Fixed Bug where all the summoned units that lone druid controls die when he dies.
-Fixed a few glitches in the killing spree, first blood, suicide and player 13 displays
-Buffed craggy exterior stun duration
-Tweaked and cleaned up Scepter
-Fixed Enrage perm mana drain bug
-Fixed major bugs with enchantress heal
-Counterhelix cd changed from .25 seconds to .6
-Fixed hero refrences which caused some heroes to appear incorrectly on sent or scourge when doing -random in pick or -teamrandom
-Fixed backstab dmg on ally
-Recoded Chain Frost to multinstance (double chainfrost bugs)
-Medusa Purge cost reduced from 125/140/155 to 60/60/60
-Fixed Enchant slowing creeps you control
-Fixed a bug where axe and visage could kill entire team using culling blade and annonymous dead
-Made presence of the dark lord aura a little larger then his attack range
-Update tda rules in quest menu
-Few misc SB balances
-Maelstrom cooldown between effects tweaked
-Minor terrain tweaks
-Minor cooldown increase to poison nova, eclipse and epicenter
-Gave Guardian Angel a casting animation

-Fixed scourge wips shop going out of vision at night
-Reduced track duration from 90 to 30 seconds
-Removed attack from Ancient of Wind
-Fixed typo on Furion Teleport
-Manta Style now allowed on Nevermore, issue resolved.
-Amplify damage given a hotkey
-Fixed hotkey collision of enchantress and earthshaker
-Fixed misc hotkey issues with troll
-Manashield typo
-Frost Armor Typo
-Midnight pulse tooltip typo
-Heroes allowed to use recreate are given a msg at startup
-Fixed enchantress and silencer hero tooltip typos
-Broodmother's Spawn Spiderlings typo
-Nortrom missle change
-Vengeful audio change

--Unfortunately, i had to undo a change, due to a last minute issue that came up, that would have reduced load time TO about a half/third of what it is now
--Hopefully this issue will be resolved for next verison then we can all load in 8-9 seconds

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