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small freetime project, it has since grown into an highly ambitious and time-consuming work that has no longer much things in common with the map it started from.StoryThe Map takes place in an alternate timeline, where the Great Alliance of Horde, Night Elf and Alliance instead of parting ways after the battle of Mount Hyjal sets sail to Northrend to remove the last evil: the Scourge. The fate of Azeroth now hangs on the outcome of the assault on the last undead fortress in front of the Icecrown Glacier. The whole map is gameplay-driven and is playable without knowing the story.GameplayDotU combines a Tower Defense with an AoS. The units of the Alliance first pass through the Tower Defense, where they are weakened and some of them killed. Then, they enter the undead land, where defenders will spawn to fight against them. Here, the 6 Undead players and 3 Alliance players can control a hero that has to help their corresponding side. The Alliance wins when the players manage to destroy the Undead Citadel on top of its mountain in the 20 waves of units that spawn. The Undead win if they manage to hold the line until all waves are defeated.Tower DefenseDotU Tower Defense Preview The tower defense is the first part of every wave and is solely played by the Undead. The Alliance can not interfere with the actions of the Undead players in that area. The defense strength is designed so that about 30 Alliance Units make it through to the undead land, and their HP and numbers are adjusted so that this number is achieved no matter how many Undead players there are in the game. The towers are pretty standard towers you will see in most TDs, mostly meant for dealing damage, and only a handful have special effects, mostly slowing. We plan to include more in the future, but since this became a minor part of the actual game over the development, it has not really high priority.The towers are paid in wood, which is given to the players at the end of every round and can not be obtained in another way.Hero BattleAfter the TD, the units enter the undead land, and their HP are changed to values fitting for an AoS. To make things interesting during later rounds, the Units are getting stronger over time and can always endanger a hero. The Alliance Heroes, while fewer, are also stronger and more versatile than their undead counterparts. They can take advantage of the large amounts of units that enter the battlefield at once, as well as their superior quality. The undead players have more heroes which are alone no match for the Alliance, but can, due to their highly specialised roles, wreak large havoc when working together. The Undead defenders are spread thin and will come in a steady stream instead of one wave, but they have defensive positions erected along the way and have often an advantage in the terrain.HeroesAt the moment, there are 9 Undead, 4 Human, 2 Orc, 1 Night Elf and 3 Neutral Heroes implemented. Each player can only choose heroes of his race except for the neutrals, which can be chosen by all Alliance players. For detailed information, we defer to the heroes database.ItemsThere are 36 Items for each race, ordered in three shops. The Potion Shop offers (obviously) potions of all kinds, from small healing vials to antimagic potions. Additionally, it also offers runes, small items that have to be dropped onto a weapon to add an orb effect to it.The basic shop offers permanent items of all kinds, from attribute bonus over damage to aura effects. The boni are different from race to race, and each of them has strengths and weaknesses. For example, the Human Basic shop offers items with high boni for magicians, but lacks in terms of offensive power.The Recipe shop offers recipes for the basic items. The recipe items can not be bought without the basic items. If you do not fulfill the requirements, your money will be refunded.Items cost gold, which is dropped by enemy forces and given to the one dealing the killing blow. The bounty gathered by the army will be distributed equally between the players of that side. It can also be won by performing extraordinarily, which will be rewarded with a small bonus.


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