Dungeon Master Mod [Mac]



The Dungeon Master MOD (DM MOD) is a Warcraft III Modification (or add-on) that allows you to create a Story and Play it as the Dungeon Master (in D&D terms). This means that you will be the director of the game. The DM controls all aspects of the game except for the other players, like creating units or items, changing music, creating weather effects, or taking control of NPCs.

This mod is not easy to use, you will have to study the manuals just like if you were playing a real roleplay game and studying the books. It includes a lot of manuals well documented and very helpful. This mod requires patience and practice, but once you get both, you will have the power in your hand to create the most spectacular games in real-time.

This MOD is installable to any map (empty of units/triggers), so it opens a lot of possibilities. It includes an easy to use Installer that will help you to install the mod to any map.

The 1.04 version features are very interesting, includes new functions and now all the special functions are easier than ever. Here's a list of the 1.04 features, but you'll have to check for your own to understand all the power of the DM:

HISTORY: 1.04 - NEW FUNCTION Auto-Revive, with Penalty like losing a random item. - NEW Doors Commands, wich helps to manipulate doors. - ADDED The Merchants, which include Dwarven and Goblin Merchant Places selling items. - NEW FUNCTION RGB Coloring Units. - The DM can now easily create conversations between units really fast, with a simply command. - NEW Usefull Quick chat commands! (Almost 20 new commands, Manuals are updated with the newest commands) - Now the DM will notice when a Hero Player dies, and death is better handled. - Diplomacy Setup and Hero Reviving are now faster thanks to the new command shortcuts. - Manuals Unit codes revised and quick chat commands list performed. - Fixed some character classes bugs.


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