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Here is a great modification by Konstantin, that you'll definitely want to download, as it adds some great stuff to your game as well as en...


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Here is a great modification by Konstantin, that you'll definitely want to download, as it adds some great stuff to your game as well as enhances your WarCraft III gaming enjoyment! Something to keep in mind about this modification is that it is in the beta stages, which means, it is not yet complete, so there may be an issue here or there when using it, and, no doubt the developer would like to receive some constructive criticism on how Extended Races can be improved for later releases.

Some of the changes this modification will make are:

  • Human
    • Extra Builder Allows you to produce Human looking Creeps from Cityscape and Villagescape.
  • Orcs
    • Have more to build than Humans, their extra builder is to be hired from the Town Hall as well . With this, you can now build:
      • Troll Hut
      • Centaur Stables

The developer already has quite a few changes/additions in mind for the next release, such as: More Units Custom Hero For Humans With Custom Spells Gnolls Custom Hero Night Elves will be able to produce Sasquatchs and Wolves

Refer to the readme for additional information.

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Download 'extended_races_0.1beta.zip' (2KB)

Alrighty Fellas >,..,>
This Mod isnt doing anzthing more (YET) then 
adding to Your MELEE Maps, Creep Units.

This File is in Beta YET.

So Stuff u can do>
So They Got an Extra Builder(Hire in Town Hall)
Extra Builder Allows u now to Produce Human Looking Creeps
From Cityscape and Villagescape.

Stuff That Will Be Added in Next Version:
More Units
Custom Hero For Humans With Custom Spells

Orcs Got More To Build Than Humans, Their Extra Builder is to be 
Hired aswell from Town Hall.

U Can Now Build:

Troll Hut

Trains Troll Creeps, from Ashenvale, Icecrown glacier, and Village 
(i think it was village) scapes

And Centaur Stables

Which can Train Centaur and Their Domestic Pigz...
Hire there Centaurs and Razormanes >,..,>

In Next Version for Orcs:
Custom Hero

Overview Next Version:
Humans get More Units and 1 Custom Hero
Orcs get Gnolls and maybe not only them +1 Custom Hero
Undead start Building Revenants
Night Elves will be able to Produce Sasquatchs and Wolves

Installation Guide:
a n00b friendly guide here <,..,<

1.Unzip The extended_races_0.1beta.w3o file (u just did it right?)
2. Open world editor
3. Open Desired Melee Map
4. Open Object Editor (F6)
5. Go File>Import All Object Data
6. Ul see a Window, go to the Place u Unpacked the File (GO WITHIN THE WINDOW)
7. Double Click on The File
8. If The Step 6 Didnt Work For u, make sure u have that window opened, and go within that window, 
that means u browse your computer now with that window.And with that Window u got an Uber hard quest to find
the New File >,..,>

Once u done that Very Hard Task.
U Get Another One!
Go File, Save Map As.. , Put a name to the new map, so that u can still play with the old 1 too.

Known &quot;BUGS&quot;

U Enter Warcraft, and what u see, 2 MAPS!
Which 1 Is It nOw.....

Simple, either u Go To World Editor, open the map, the one was used with that mod.
Go To SCENARIO, Map Description.
Rename There,
When u are in Warcraft, and for some reason see 2 Identical Maps, Look up, theres gotta be a Scroll Looking thingy,
when u click on the first map, look at the scroll,
if it has Blue Text Wrotten On It BLIZZARD, then thats the wrong one, click on the other 1, no Blizzard?
thats the Right 1.

Legal agreement
If u wanna do sumtin to that mod, notify me, would be nice knowing sum1 is using it.
If u use it in ur map write a Credit in it atleast.
If u wanna Mod it, >,..,> u arent allowed to, well i doubt anybody cares about that anyway...

Got Ideas?
 Email Me

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