Final Fantasy 9

This is the DEMO of Final Fantasy 9, warcraft 3 style!

Here is what you'll need to know: (walkthrough)

Once you gain control of Viv...


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This is the DEMO of Final Fantasy 9, warcraft 3 style!

Here is what you'll need to know: (walkthrough)

Once you gain control of Vivi, walk straight ahead and walk into the tavern on your right. When your in you will see lots of people, if you try to get behind the bar, the bartender will tell you that you can't. Walk out of the tavern and walk straight across to the this house there is lots of goodies! When you walk in, walk down and turn right, pick up the gil; Then go up the stairs and behind the counter for a potion; Walk up the next set of stairs and pick up the gil, then go back outside.

When your outside, go the backway you came from at the start and go through, all around the edges are potions and gil galore (by the statue in the middle is a potion.) Now go all the way to the otherside and go through, walk to the ticket master, when he askes you, choose show him your ticket to continue the game, choose the other ones from information! Once you get the items, go to the left into the alleyway. walk to the end of the allyway to see a guy hammering a sign in place; after he walks away, you will see a rat-boy, if he askes you to be a slave, say no the first time, when you move forward, say no again, then go the way the rat boy went. Walk to the docks and turn right, not into the steeple, if you se a little boy, walk near him for a quest.

Little Boy has Lost his Frog Objective: Find his Frog! Location of objective: In the house near the start, on 3rd floor. Reward: 0 gil

After you've completed the quest, go back the way you came and back into the alleyway...if you want to look in the alley way theatre say no again and walk down to the building, after the alley way theatre, go back up and say yes to being a slave, when he askes you if the way is clear (say i think someones coming for a little funny thing)...say its clear to continue the game.

When you gain control on the roof, walk forward and the bridge will break...when your going around on the rooftops there will be gil along the way. After you pick up the last peice of gil, walk left into the buildings to come across the motherload of gil!!! After you have gained riches like you would'nt believe, walk out the buildings and walk up to get off the roof...the play scene is cool, so sit back and watch the long cutscene!

This is an awesome campaign, so start enjoying it now!

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Download '' (2.92MB)

- Download into Warcraft III\Campaigns folder
- Open Frozen Throne
- Click Single Player
- Click Custom Campaign
- Find Final Fantasy 9 DEMO
- Click Play!

--UPDATE 1--
- Made DEMO longer so you can see more.
- Added Alexandria, but u can only go in certain places at the moment.
- Added intro to give you information!
- Alexandria decorated so it looks nice!
- plus loads of items in alexandria!! some are a challenge to find!

--Update 2--
- Added Dialogs to make choices through the game
- Added more of Alexandria
- Finalized the First Battle
- Added Vivi Skin, hope you like it!
- Added 'Little Boys Lost Frog' Quest, find out your own way to get it!

--Update 3--
- Ive made it possible to be asked to be a slave if you say no.
- ive finished the 'Play' scene
- only a small update.

- this update was for the 'freezing' on the meeting scene. it is now fixed -

--Update 4--
- added more
- added Zorn and Thorn scene

I hope you enjoy this DEMO!

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