Footman INSANE

This updated version comes with some great changes...a better terrain design, some new heros and is more balanced, just to name a few. This...


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This updated version comes with some great changes...a better terrain design, some new heros and is more balanced, just to name a few. This map has the potential for alot of great skirmishes/battles!

See the readme for more details. Enjoy.

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Footman INSANE
Warcraft 3 Map

First of all I would like to think everyone who played my earlier version 
2.7. They inspired me to keep updating. I updated the map greatly. Now for 
the changes/ New Features.

Around 4 New Heros added from the earlier version of 2.7.
Way better item system with a wide variety of usefull items.
You can buy a new hero now (cost 2,500 for 1 wood whitch is a hero)
HUGE terrain change. A terrain never before seen in your standard footman 
Way more balanced gameplay.
Comepletly Redone the races. (no more human, elf, or undead) I replaced them 
with 4 balanced custom races. (Naga, Demonic, Ogre/Centaur, and the Creep 
Of course many balance Changes.

--New Features--
Super Creeps that spawn in the middle now has a better system.
There is a Casino whitch you can gamble from Four Different Slots. (15% 
slot1, Slot2 25%, Slot3 35%, Slot4 45% to get an item) this can give you 
some of the best items on the map. Sometimes can be Risky.
Like I mentioned above way better terrain. I am even pleased with.
For those of you who played my earlier versions know this isn't knew but, 
Heros Reach level 50 , Hero spells Reach level 6.
A Leadersboard board.
Automated Tips. So far there is only 21.

-New Heros
-Balances, bugs, fixed
-Changed up terrain slightly
-Added another mercenary shop
-Added a speacial sheep shop
-Balanced units, races, ability, heros
-More fun
-Enhanced the Defeat trigger (now can watch game with full visibilty after 
-Enhanced some tooltips even further
-(A must have version)

-Balance patch(many balance changes)

Wow guys I don't know where to start since I havn't updated my map to this 
website in so long. I'll name SOME changes.

-More Balanced
-New Heros
-Units have speacial skills
-Better terrain design
-Better shop in base placement
-Some old custom heros have been improved
-Made a hall of fame in which you can be a part of
-AI is still the same (Very simple AI-Create hero/send units to middle)may 
improve in future versions
-Item recipes
-Few new items
-Hotkeys for the items
-New mercenarys
-New loading screen
-New Map Preview Screen
-Much more

Created from a blank map. (made from scratch.) So what are you waiting for? 
Download the map and tell me what you think!! HF GL

I plan to keep updating often so keep eye out for future versions!

You can create your own hero for my map. I give full credit and a tag to 
show you made the hero by your hero name. To this go to our forums or stop 
by our clan at Clan ZAFC@azeroth. Fourms-

Also, You can either wisper me/Email me:pmop45/ Or go 
to the forums to find out how to get into the hall of fame!


-Thanks Palermo1

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