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Some of you may be looking at this file and thinking 'Didn't I just download this not long ago?' ...Well, if you are, then you're not imagining things; An earlier version was on this site for a short time, however, that version was buggy and we did not have permission from the correct developer to mirror it, so at their request, it was removed, and they have supplied us with an updated and more stable version!

HeroLineWars RoC v2.3 is a map for Warcraft III Reign of Chaos. It is a map based on the TFT versions of herolinewars maps, which are wide-spreaded in the battlenet. The main aspect of this map are many TFT-only features that are included in this RoC-map...like custom spells, level 120 heroes and some models from TFT. You pick one hero of your choice with mighty skills and send monsters to your enemy. You will recieve income for every monster you send. Kill all the monsters your enemy sends to you and prevent them from reaching your circle of might.

Some features of this map are: Rebalanced heros Random hero function Bug fixes

See the readme for more information.



The difference between this map and earlier versions are, for example, the new random hero function, the reduced lag, rebalanced heroes and, of course, many fixed bugs.

Installation and use instructions:

Just place the file in the Warcraft III maps folder and play it with RoC (TFT is working also)

Contact information:

For questions, suggestions, bugs etc. please write an e-mail to [email protected]

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