Icewind is an 'Aeon of Strife' type map taking place in frigid waters. It has a number of unique features and tons of items, allowing for...


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Icewind is an 'Aeon of Strife' type map taking place in frigid waters. It has a number of unique features and tons of items, allowing for countless strategies.

Gameplay Modes: * Almost every mode is combineable * * Type them on one line (like dota), or many lines, or a mix; however you want! *

- Normal Mode = everything is at default - Gold Rush (-gr) = 2x starting gold, 2x income, 2x ship kill gold, and 2x hero gold (Hero gold is something like: Player 5 owned Player 7 for an extra ___ gold). - Fast Spawn (-fs) = NPC (computer) waves spawn twice as fast! - Deathmatch (-dm) = 10x starting gold, first team to achieve 15 kills together wins. - No Traders (-nt) = No tradeboats! - Hardcore (-hc) = No abilities, and no tradeboats! - Gold Hoard (-gh) = First team to reach 100,000 spare gold wins. - Speed Mode (-sm) = Units/Towers do not auto-upgrade. Heroes level 2x as - Accelerated Mode (-ac) = +5000 gold, Captains start at level 10. - Titan Spawn (-ts) = Every 3 minutes, a random titan spawns for each Alliance in a random lane. - Sailboats Only (-so) = Only Sailboats are allowed. - Tradeboats Only (-to) = Only Tradeboats are allowed. - Doubled Income (-di) = Doubled income rate. Stacks with -gr - New Recruits (-nr) = Dominator, Hallberd, Annihlator, Decimator disabled. - No Submarines (-ns) = Sea Wolf disabled. - Weather Effects (-we) = Weather changes, affecting ships over the entire map - Alliance Gold (-ag) = Alliances share their gold with their respective teams. - Backdooring (-bd) = Backdooring allowed; destroy the enemy base in any way possible. - No Pooling (-np) = Giving gold is diabled.

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- Upgrade your ship individually (hit points, damage, attack speed, hit point regeneration)
- Upgrade to your a heart's desires with 11 unique ships. Upgrades carry over to these ships, however, each ship specializes in certain upgrades, and is weaker in others, so be careful what you pick!
- Buy weapons of your choice, including weapons that automatically cast spells (like chain lightning, impale, flame strike, etc) and weapons that automatically fire (like battleships)
- Choose whichever abilities you wish. Everyone chooses their abilities from two Ability Docks filled with many different, unique abilities. 
- Every level, you get 1 piece of lumber. You can buy a normal ability for 1 lumber, or upgrade one you've already learned for 1 lumber as well. Ultimates cost 4 lumber, but are only one level

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