Intricate has returned with an updated version to his Intricate_TD map, the original version (available: [url="http://warcraf...


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Intricate has returned with an updated version to his Intricate_TD map, the original version (available: here) is still available and playable, and has no issues that have been identified...this version, among other changes, has been made easier. This is a nice Tower Defence map for all of you Warcraft finatics that enjoy a healthy combination of runners and sieges! This map will keep you on your toes as you complete each quest handed to you; As the developer has stated that Intricate_TD is a map designed for the hard-core WC3 gamer, " level is for pros", you may find it a bit of a challenge...however, as you procede through the game, you will have access to the "quest menu", besides the obvious that will be found here, the menu will also have information on the level and the developer's own tips about the game.

The fight for victory starts here!

Some changes in this version include: Removed Fog of War. Added starting towers. Added Siege Level Information in quest menu.

See the readme for installation instructions and complete changelog.

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Version's Changes:
As by request, I made everything easy. 

-=Intricate TD v2=-
-Game Level: Peasant.
-Removed Fog of War.
-Removed Black Mask.
-Added Siege Level Information in quest menu.
-Added starting towers. 
(1 Lightning, 1 Poison, 1 Dark, and 2 Flame Towers)
(In my own style of position. )
(You can destroy them by using your hero.)

About the game:
This TD is combination of runners and sieges.
Game level is peasant.
Read the quests inside the game for more informations and tips.

How to play:
Unzip the file(s) to your warcraft 3 folder. Play the map in warcraft3 game.

Contact Information:
You can send me emails to intricate2006 AT gmail DOT com.

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