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Wow. This is MUCH better than the v2.5! There's so much to say that's changed, I can't think of them all! This game is also very hard now so...


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Wow. This is MUCH better than the v2.5! There's so much to say that's changed, I can't think of them all! This game is also very hard now so I wouldn't play it without having all players. Here's a quote from Roddd:

Update of the previous version since I was not satisfied with it. Six players must guide Frodo, Sam, Aragon, Gandalf, Legolas, Gimli, and Boromir from Rivendell to the southern shores of the Anduin River. This version is even harder than the last one and requires good players. If you play your Hero as suicidal, a loner, or treasure hog, then the Fellowship will fail guaranteed. All 6 players are recommended but it could probably be done with 5 players. And all players are recommended to stick together at all times.

Things to note:

Frodo's The One Ring will turn him invisible to all players, even allies. If he over uses it, it will corrupt him and kill him. Frodo's spells should not be underestimated. Aragon is the team workhorse since he is their best healer. Gandalf and Legolas are the ranged units while Boromir and Gimli are the main melee warriors. If you played the original, get acquainted with the new spells and the realignment for primary attributes (many changed for balance issues). Sam has been added to give the Frodo player an incentive to use him. Together, the 2 Hobbits are pretty good statistically speaking. The filename now has "FOTR" ("Fellowship of the Ring") in it so that people don't get it confused with the other books/films.


-Improved The One Ring; heals Frodo when used (100 HP times the number of times used) -Revivable Heroes (except Frodo) -Special items customized from LOTR world and give extra bonuses to the matching character -Notifies if a player has left -Ability to control players who leave -New ending area -Ringwraiths to make the party work faster and not lounge around -Fountains "dry up" if the party takes too long -Warp gates for revived heroes to catch up with the main group instead of running through the whole map again -Cinematics work now! (might be laggy if there are laggy users) -Cinematics can be disabled too! -Added lots of secret items and areas -Added funny references (or not so funny) -An in-game help menu of how various things work in the map -Heroes have been tweaked for uniqueness and balance (e.g. Legolas sees farther than other heroes, Boromir and Gimli start with a free potion) -Fixed various bugs (e.g. it was possible, however unlikely, for other heroes to acquire The One Ring) from original and v2.50 and when cinematics are disabled bugs in v3.0 -Neat stuff I'm probably forgetting and the file is smaller!

Known bugs and misc:

-Still haven't been able to do custom imports on spells correctly. The spells might change in a future version. -Bladestorm visual effect doesn't work for Paladin model which is why Boromir looks like the Blade Master model. I'll figure this out eventually. -I might make a special edition with LOTR soundtrack. Who knows? -This is the final version for quite sometime. Spent way too much time on this update. -Sorry, no single player version can be made for this type of map. There are too many balancing issues. I'll certainly look into it if I have time but RPGs are more fun when there are more people, no? -I read all the e-mail feedback and on the map download page and I appreciate all the feedback good and bad. -Big thanks to all the beta testers on USWest! Go Lordaeron! -Map is not protected so other map makers can borrow ideas to make better maps. If you want to add a feature, please let me know. If you are opening the map to cheat, you are clearly a n00b. If the sound gets disabled cuz you opened the map, too bad.


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