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Ok, where to start. I thought this would be a normal melee map, with every player having thier own little part of the map to call thier own....


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Ok, where to start. I thought this would be a normal melee map, with every player having thier own little part of the map to call thier own. Boy was I wrong! First off, the humans have been modded in this map to make them more powerful, so much that now THEY ARE UNKILLABLE. When playing as them you might notice that footmen are no longer made at the barracks. They have instead been moved to the blacksmith, where you will notice that there are no upgrades to be researched. That would be because YOU ARE ALREADY UPGRADED TO TIER 3. Okay, cool. Now you have an advantage over the other races. Back at the barracks, youll notice that now you have 2 kinds of rifleman, which I have given nicknames: Rapid Death, and Slower Death. That would be because they both do about 50 DAMAGE, and the first one dishes it out much faster along with CHAOS ATTACK. Even funnier, the second one costs the same as a normal rifleman, so if you just mass rifles, like most human noobs do, you can't lose. Okay, a rather glaring and unfair advantage the humans get in this map over the other races, but wait, theres more. If you should decide to get to tier 2(which I dont know whyd youd need to) upon building a arcane sanctum, youll notice that all the magics are researched as well. Not only that, if you decide to build sorceresses, youll notice that not only are they renamed to high sorcerer, and that they float above the ground a bit higher than normal, but now they do 30 DAMAGE! Not only that, but if youre player 1, you get a nice little barrier of land mines filling the only opening to your base. So now if youre player 1 you cant be rushed either, or even attacked by a large army for that matter!

You're probably wondering, "Why the heck would I download this map?", well I'll tell you exactly why you'd want to. First you may be a noob, who cant handle rushes or harrasses of ANY sort, or even getting attacked for that matter, so being player 1 would really make it so you cant be attacked. Or, you might REALLY love the humans, especially thier mass rifles/sorceress strategy, and now since its been made unkillable in this map, you should have a great time! Perhaps you fit both of those traits, and you are just a bad player that can only do that one strat. In that case, this is the map youve been dreaming of. If not, why are you still reading this?

This is a great map to download... for noob human players.

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