Manga Madness

manga_madness_v.0.7b_beta.w3x —


favourite characters and fight against your friends or with them. Beta phase will have fewer heroes to try, but more will come soon, along with items.Game Modes-SM (Short Mode)-USM (Ultra Short Mode)-DM, -DM5 (Death Match, number indicates Lives)-ID (Item Drop) -AR (All Random)Commands-MS (Movement Speed)-MA (Matchup)-Music On / -Music Off (Starts Song for all players)-Cam High / -Cam reset (Resets camera or sets it higher)-Unstuck (Unstucks hero from spot where he can't move)-Smuggler (Points smugglers hideouts)-Clear (Clears all texts from the screen)-CS (Displays your creep kills and denies)-Repick (Repicks hero after randoming one at AR)


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