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It appears that the map maker of the first Zeds lab has taken my review of the previous version and spruced up the map so now it looks reall...


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It appears that the map maker of the first Zeds lab has taken my review of the previous version and spruced up the map so now it looks really good. Some other changes have been made, so now the map is also better from a playability point of view. The map is much better now, so I highly recommend a download.

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1. Installation instructions - simply extract the map file to ROOT:\Program Files\Warcraft III\Maps\Download (copy this file path then paste to the file path prompt in the file extraction program if you want, replace ROOT with your hard drive letter; it's usually C, but hey). Then you should be able to host the map or play when someone else hosts without having to have the sometimes buggy Battlenet netcode download the map for you. 

If you've moved your Warcraft III folder somewhere else, then you should know where to find it, since you moved it after all. Just make sure that it gets into the Download section of your Maps folder. Of course, you shouldn't really need this info anyway if you're savvy enough to be moving around your program folders =p

2. Map info - 
Game style: Tactical RPG
Reccommended Number of Players: 4 to 8
Estimated time to complete: 1 to 1.5 hours.
Replay Value: At least two full plays through.

Summary: If you liked Icewind Dale or similar games, you'll probably like this. The main difference is that it's made for multiplayer, and for those who don't know of any of the bioware games, it's made for more attentive and careful players. If you like super fast paced games like survival or tower defense, this is less likely to be your style. Not that this is a slow paced game; the fights don't take too long, but the map is very large. Let me once again note that this is a map with teamwork in mind, so you're more likely to enjoy this map with some people you know or at a LAN party, but it's your call. If you host the game as a public game, I suggest you make your title include that the game is an hour long or something, to get more like minded people to join.

Hints/Suggestions (SPOILER FREE): 
General - There are 4 basic roles to chose from, and each role is split into two classes. You'll want a balanced party with at least one person in each role - Mage, Healer, Fighter, Scout. You can check for help/info in the quests menu in game, and there are alot of signs/runes on the ground that give information or hints. Pay attention to them. You also have 3 continues, so after you die 3 times you're out. You can however buy ankhs to conserve those precious continues. 

Classes - Each class is balanced to have strengths and weaknesses in various situations. Fighters are tough up front guys, mages are frail guys that use magic from the back, healers are in the middleground and support, scouts detect threats and deal damage. There are descriptions in game of each class abilities and role in game, at character selection. 

Paths - There are two separate paths to take throughout the game. One is geared towards fighting, the other is for figuring out puzzles and avoiding traps, with easier fights. Halfway through the map you can change path. In the latter half of the map, you'll want at least 5 people for the fighting path, but in the first half of the game you can take either path with a group of 3 and be okay.

Items -You can buy items to specialize in your class role, or to make up for its weaknesses. There is a set of basic and advanced shops. Basically, with a very good group, you should specialize. With a less reliable group you should cover your weaknesses. 

Other than that, just be careful, know your role and how to play it, pay attention to info, and have fun!

SPOILER: There is a hidden character!

3. Credits - This map has been created by brized. 
   email: . I also got some help from the BlizzPub Network Forums, found at . Really really great place, I have to say. You can also check out credits in the quests menu while in game, if you're bored or something.

4. Ver 1.01 changes

The ability to take control of unused player slots, like in Spidering Willcage (thanks CHUNK for that idea). Now number of players isn't as big an issue, especially if you micro well.

Fighter now has (an improved version of) Defend. Now he's even better to send in first to soak up damage!
Ranger now has rapid fire, to increase her damage dealing capabilities even more!

The map has been spruced up alot. More doodads and such, and some areas have been changed completely.

The map is also now unprotected, so new mappers can check out how the ~250 triggers were done.

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