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Mefhisto Warcraft III Tool is a complementary application for Warcraft III gamers and map makers to make their life a little easier while i...


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Mefhisto Warcraft III Tool is a complementary application for Warcraft III gamers and map makers to make their life a little easier while in the heat of battles. This is not any hack or bannable application, as it makes no changes to the gameplay; The biggest advantage you will receive from this application, is the amount of time you will save in-game.

Some of the features of this tool are:

  • Replay Auto Save
  • Hit Point Show
  • Windows Keys Disable
  • Replay Charter Included
  • Custom Keys Simplification
  • Advanced Game Configuration
  • World Editor Tweaking
  • Various Game Modes
  • Simple and Clear Interface
  • Easy Set Up with Configuration File
  • Multi Language
  • Backpack Helper

If you're curious about how this works, then read on:

  • CustomKeys.txt - Copies the custom keys to warcraft 3 directory in keyboard layout version depending to Keyboard parameter from config.ini file. First it copies the old CustomKeys.txt to CustomKeysOld.txt and then it replaces it. When you exit warcraft, the old keys are restored. Keys are assigned for first four lines of letter part of keyboard. The following keys are used for standard qwerty layout:
    Abilities are assigned for first "QWER" keys. Be sure to set the Keyboard parameter in config.ini file as you need.
  • Hit Points Show - runs little application, which presses [ and ] keys, when there is wc3 window. In effect it shows hit points bars over each unit. Can be enabled/disabled for enemy and/or ally.
  • Replay Auto Saver - runs application, which saves replay after each game played. Replays are saved in following way

WC3Save-vs- Backpack Helper - binds first two keys in first two lines into numlock keys. (Use the CTRL button with them.) For standard qwerty layout it works like this: CTRL+Q works as Num7 CTRL+Z works as Num1 ...and so on. Windows Key Disable - Disables the windows key and alt+q hotkey. Use CTRL+ESC to minimize. World Editor - When you use tool to run World Editor, settings from config.ini are saved into registry. Mefhisto has also expressed a willingness to customize this tool, so if you have any special options that you would like to be included, let him know. Hiswebsite can be found by clicking here, and his forums are here.

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Mefhisto Warcraft III Tool
by Mefhisto,


1. In NO event will the author be held liable for any damages arising from the use of this software. 
2. Permission is granted to anyone to use this software for personal non-commercial use only.
3. By using source code, you are not allowed to redistribute other version than original.

Configurating config.ini file

Visit website for configuration guide.

There was a sample config.ini file in your download. You should have no problems with set it up to your needs.

Sample translation written in english is as easiest at possible to translate (don't forget to post your translation on forum). To change language with ready translation, replace whole language section with new stuff.

If there is no confg.ini file, tool reads values from registry, also if there are no values in registry, it uses default values. Default language is english.

If you want to use your CustomKeys.txt, copy it to tool directory and run tool.


Apply Custom Keys - If checked, uses CustomKeys.txt made by me into Warcraft III directory and turns on "Use CustomKeys" option. My keys affects Dota-Allstars. If there is a CustomKeys.txt file in tool directory, tool uses it in replace of mine. Old keys are backuped to CustomKeysOld.txt and are restored, when tool exits.
Modify config.ini file to set your keyboard layout. It is necessary for my keys.

Replay Auto Saver - If checked, auto saves every replay, just after game ends to WC3Save in replay directory.

Disable Windows Key - If checked, disables windows key. You can still use CTRL+ESC to minimize wc3.

Hit Points Show - If checked, shows hit points bars over units.

Use OpenGL - Runs Warcraft III in OpenGL mode, it improves performacje for some graphic cards. Use Lock Frame Buffer for more frames.

Change - Changes installation path of Warcraft III.

Run Warcraft III - Runs Warcraft III and all apps checked. Tool is looking for 30 seconds for Warcraft windows to open, later it closes.

Run in Window - Runs Warcraft III in resizable window and apps. Unplayable for me in this mode, but useful for chat on bn.

World Editor - Runs Warcraft III World Editor.

Run Replay Charter - Runs W3Chart 1.01M by JCA.

Run Reign of Chaos - Runs Warcraft III Reign of Chaos and checked apps.

Save Settings - Saves settings.


640x480, 720x576, 800x600, 1024x768, 1280x1024 and 1280x800 for widescreen. Other are also listed in config.ini file.

60Hz, 70Hz, 75Hz, 85Hz, 100Hz, 120Hz. Choose your refresh rate here.

Color Depth
16bit or 32bit

Occlusion - Enable/Disable occlusion in game.

Shadows - Same thing with shadows for units.

Models, Animations, Texture, Particles, Lights, Spells
Low, Medium, High

Gamma - Max value is 100, min is 0. Default is 30.

Lock Frame Buffer - Recommended for OpenGL mode.


Audio Interface
Dolby Surround, Miles Emulated 3D (mostly common), Creative Labs EAX2

Sound - Turns sound on/off, slider changes volume, from 0 to 100.

Music - Music on/off, use slider for volume change.

Ambient Sounds - Enable/Disable ambient sounds in game.

Movement Sounds - Naah, can't play without thoose koto beast steps :)

No Midi - Rarely used feature.

Software Midi - use software midi (or not).

Environmental Effects - Environmental effect

3D Posiotional Audio - Use it, if your sound card operates that.


Default Colors - 12 colors used, full house :)
Blue-Red - You and your allies are blue, enemies are red.
Blue-Teal-Red - You are blue, allies are teal and yor enemies are red.

Terrain Filter - Use terrain filter, or not.

Creep Filter - Indicates creep camps on the minimap.

Formations - Hate that, just needless slowdown.

Display Hero Icons - Saves some place on screen by hidding hero icons on left top.

Enhanced Tooltips - Enhanced tooltips, if you play custom games, better don't use it.

Subtitles - Use subtitles.

Enable Formation Movement Toggle - Same movement speed for whole formations.

Subgroup Order - Subgroups

Use CustomKeys.txt - Turn on this lovely option :)

Key - Adjust keyboard scroll speed
Disable Mouse Scroll - Disables mouse scrolling, slider adjusts speed of mouse scrolling.


Feel free to email me, and be sure to visit website. Check out my wc3 maps! :)
Also prize me by donate, if you want.

If you need special version of this tool, contact me.

If you need source code, just mail me.

Thanks to:

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