Naruto Castle Defense 2.3T

BladeSaintHooray! This is the best and newest Naruto Castle Defense map! In this unique and yet wonderful map you get to choose your charact...

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BladeSaintHooray! This is the best and newest Naruto Castle Defense map! In this unique and yet wonderful map you get to choose your character from Naruto series and defend your castle from the enemies and bosses.At the start Choose 1st option for easy mode, 2nd option for normal mode. Then choose 1st, 2nd or 3rd option for 10 minutes, 30 minutes, or 1 hour pvp time, consecutively. At last choose the 2nd option for non-imba mobs.The most important thing in this game is to upgrade your armors and weapons to max then upgrade more. Buy weapons at the green tree then upgrade them at orange tree near the sorcerer at upper right of the map. Finally get gems by killing Hokages and tailed beasts then upgrade your gears further using items they dropped. The first choice is the easiest mode. Type hg to teleport back to the base.If you click the hammer icon at sorcerer, you can go kill chickens. The eggs they dropped heals 1000hp each.To switch bags, click on the bag icon or press z.Each player also has a private Rabbit Bag. Its function is like a chest. But if you put herbs in there you can use them to heal you instead of the Rabbit Bag.Here is the order of things you do in this map:Start of game, before the 1st wave: buy empty bottle from the sorcerer then run to water, then type hg after bottle is filled, go back to the sorcerer then click on the 2nd icon(looks like a map) to complete the quest. This quest gives you money and xp. right before 1st wave quickly buy gears from green tree then upgrade it at orange tree.Beat down the 1st wave then start doing water quest until you've reached lvl 10. At lvl 10 you can beat your own image. Go to sorcerer and click on the yellow clone icon to go and fight your image. Image randomly drops xp 20000 gold or 20 all stats. So to get strong quick in the beginning do images!After you get enough gears upgraded go to leveling rooms, at sorcerer, click barrack icon. Kill mobs there to gain gold and lvl FAST.At lvl 50 you'll gain your lesser ultimate skill. then you can start to go gem hunting. Gms are dropped by Hokages. To go fight Hokages click on the "blue man" icon at sorcerer. There are 2 sizes of gems, small and big. Small gems(droped by 3rd and 4th hokage) can be used to upgrade your maxed out gears to tier 1 gears. Big gems (dropeed by 1st and 2nd Hokage) can be used to upgrade your tier 1 gears to tier 2. All gem upgrades are at the orange rune at the right side of map near orange tree. Gems upgrades apply to shoes, armor and sword.After you have all tier 2 gears. you can start killing tailed beasts(Dragon, Phoenix, Tiger, and Turtle). Dragon is green gems, Phoenix is purple gems, Tiger is blue, and Turtle is red. Use the heads they dropped to upgrade your gears to max at the same orange rune.At the end if you used the same colored gems to upgrade all your gears(shoes, armor and sword), you can upgrade to ultimate gear. Go to sorcerer and click on the last icon(looks like a hammer in brown background), and spend a lot of gold to buy the 2nd gem at the witch doctor. Then go to the green tree on the RIGHT of the orange tree and click on the last icon(looks the same as in the witch doctor). If you have enough money, then boom! You got your ultimate equipment.There are many secrets in this game, you'll have to find them on your own :PGood luck and have fun!EDIT: Blue gem gives various stats but more on str.Green gem gives various stats but more on agi.Purple gem gives various stats but more on int.Red gem gives all around stats.

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