Naruto World wars

nww3.5.3.w3x —


that have died in series and with Uciha Madara he is praparing to invade Konoha and start 4th shinobi war.You can decide which side is going to win. Thank You for playing Naruto World Wars. You can chose from following mods: -ap(All Pick-Means that you can chose any hero) -apem(All Pick Easy Mode-Means that you can chose any hero,your are getting xp faster and towers are weaker) -appm(All Pick Pro Mode-Means that you can also chose any hero but game play is opposite of easy mode) -nr(No Runes-Means that runes which can ordinary be found in river wont appear) -dm (duel mode,duels are every 7minutes.)For now you can chose from 33 different heroes with realistic and balanced skills. Find out about latest updates and changes on our forum address: http://naruto-world-wars.serbianforum.info/Creating Team Map Creator:straja44 Helper:markizioModeler:NeilCatorce Special Thanks to:-stormesp-Kobas- -Tiche3 -Sindre-Revan Current Version of map :3.5.3Map is protected.


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