New Race MOD patch



New in 3.1:

- New Models! And "alot" of them too: NEW LIZARDMEN MODEL: - Lizardmen Defender

- New Skins! NEW CHAOS SKINS: - FelHound

- Bugfixing WOOD ELF - Build menu button A is no longer used for more than one building - Lady of the Wood's Power of Nature bug fixed - Impailing Bolt icon no longer appears for ballistas TROLL - Now most of the troll units get their attack upgrades - Build manu key S is no longer used for more than one building - Highlights were added for Ice Troll and Braincrusher as well as the high priest - Overall unit price is much cheaper for trolls now - Added hotkey to Sentry Ward LIZARDMEN - Chameleon Kroxigors abilites like Metamorphosis and Sphere of Invurnability was replaced by mirror image and mass teleport - Description corrected on Priest of Old Ones - Markmanship for skinks can now be researched on the training camp - Strenght of old ones now summons 12 posion elementals instead of 8 - Slann Kings health increased - Cold one rider is no longer mechanical and the impailing bolt icon does no longer appear - Lizardmen defender hotkey fixed CHAOS - Corrected Flehounds attack animation - Demon, Chaos Warrior and Felhound made smaller - C is no longer used for more than one action in the Demon Gate/Hell Gate - Slannesh's description corrected OTHER - Healing Wards now heal units - All divine units' build time was decreased to the half and price was increased to the double - Some lizardmen creeps was replaced with weaker ones so you no longer encounter Kroxigors or Sauruses as a creeps.


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