Night of the Dead: Special Ops

Here is an awesome map for all of you NOTD (and NOTD to-be) lovers! Night of the Dead: Special Ops picks up where the immensely popular [ur...


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Here is an awesome map for all of you NOTD (and NOTD to-be) lovers! Night of the Dead: Special Ops picks up where the immensely popular Night of the Dead II left off; FM_Bilouxi & FM_Osiris did a superb job, and now Nxuan and Syrus are carrying the torch to light your way in this cyber-land! Previously, Night of the Dead: Special Ops (v1.04c) has racked up almost 2000 downloads, showing that the new team has made some nice improvements since bringing this map back to life...and continue to do so.

If you're looking to have an action-filled evening in front of your monitor, and you are in the mood for something that comes with a high level of fun and a great challenge, then NOTD: Special Ops is definitely what you're looking for!

Some changes include:
  • Fixed alot of leaks, cahnged attack trigger, everything runs faster
  • Added some cool secrets and features
  • Changed tileset
  • Reduced extend clip cooldown, mana cost is 35 now
  • Decreased ignite mana cost
  • And more...

Some background on NOTD: Special Ops: The year is 2047 on Earth, it was a virus outbreak in Boston. All tries to neutralize the virus failed, the human race was in danger of perishing! The virus was turning humans to undead. Some nations built underground tunnels to save themselves, while others sent ships to Mars to build a new world and save the entire human population. Now it's 2247, no one knew how it begun. In colony X-34i virus appeared again, we already lost two squads of highly trained men, so we are sending in a third squad, you are a soldier of Delta Squad and you need to rescue your fellow marines and find a way to neutralize the virus.

Your mission is a hard one...will it succeed? That depends on you marine, so get moving!

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Download 'night_of_the_dead_special_ops_v1.07d.w3x' (2.34MB)

this is warcraft 3
expansion of Night of the dead 2 map called Night of the dead 2: Special Operations
map was made by Nxuan and Syrus
map works from version 1.20e to lastest one

Marines, Welcome on board the GTT Azrael! 
As some of you may have heard, we lost all contact with Alpha and Beta Squad. 
The last transmission we received originated from the north-east of Alpha's operation perimeter. That was 24 hours ago. 

Due to the sensitive nature of Alpha's mission, High Command officially declared both teams as MIA. 
GTT Azrael is to conduct a Search And Rescue. 
Delta Team will lead the operation on the ground, being the only elite marine squad left. 
You will perform a fast high altitude landing with jetpacks - if the situation allows, the dropship will land. 
Advance Equipment is being issued as we speak. 
Check your gear and load up ASAP! 
Departure in 15. 

Good luck and Godspeed. 
Squad dismissed!

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