ninja duels advanced 2.2

Ninja Duels Advanced V 2.2

it's a mini game where you fight other ninjas with tactic spells , very fun to play this...


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[chapter]Ninja Duels Advanced V 2.2[/chapter]

it's a mini game where you fight other ninjas with tactic spells , very fun to play this map is made from scratch , and 100 % jassed

[hidden="Changelog"] version 1.1 added -ma , -repick updated team victory system fixed bugs

version 2.0 added random on hero selection added 2 new arenas rebalanced units remade blink ability fixed bugs

version 2.1 added sand ninja added text tags to hero selection and blood thirst ability added game mod and team players detector changed blood ninja model added team glow to stealth ninja added -cam , -mana rebalanced spells remade hide in shadow ability fixed bugs

version 2.2 fixed dialog system added (restart) in the end of the game and fixed team victory fixed bugs [/hidden]

[hidden="Map info"] ** hero and arena selection system with arrow keys .

** revive system will revive the ninja in a safe place away from enemies , so you don't get killed when you revive.

** custom teams that can be set by the host from inside the game , so it can be more than 2 teams . ** in teams mode the game will end when team kills reach the max kills limit. team kills is the sum of the kills of all the players in that team. **ninjas in the same team cant attack each other.

**map arenas : 1)Felwood 2)Outland 3)northrend

** ninja classes : Sand Ninja (new ninja concept) Blood Ninja (new ninja concept). Undead Ninja (new ninja concept). Fighter Ninja. Stealth Ninja. Trickster Ninja. Counter Ninja .

** Blood Ninja spells : 1) Vampire Form : The blood ninja will transform into a vampire that moves faster ignoring every thing in it's way . Level 1 : +20% ms .Lasts 10 seconds. Level 2 : +40% ms .Lasts 14 seconds. Level 3 : + 60% ms .Lasts 18 seconds. ** this ability make the ninja ignore path types , so he can walk through trees and walk over cliffs .

2) Blood Seeker : Show all ninjas in the map . Level 1 : for 1 second Level 2 : for 2 second Level 3 : for 3 second 3) Blood Thirst : Level 1 : gives 1 hp every 3 kills. Level 2 : gives 1 hp every 2 kills. Level 3 : gives 1 hp every 1 kill. Max hp is 5 ** hp will get back to 1 and kills counter for the spell will get back to 0 when the ninja dies .

** Undead Ninja spells : 1) Dark Hook : Launches a dark hook which will grab the first unit which comes in range of the hook head and Will stun the hooked ninja. Level 1 : stun for 1 second. Level 2 : stun for 2 second. Level 3 : stun for 3 second. ** Range and speed will increase with each level

2) Falling Sword :

3) Act Dead : Fools the enemy by acting dead . Level 1 : become invisible for 5 seconds , -50% move speed and dodge an attack Level 2 : become invisible for 7 seconds , -30% move speed and dodge an attack Level 3 : become invisible for 9 seconds , -10% move speed and dodge an attack ** enemy ninjas will see an image of the undead ninja dies making them think that you are dead .

** Spells in the original ninja duels that have been changed : 1) Falling Sword : now the ninja can jump over cliffs and trees , using a safety system that wont let him get out of the arena . 2) Mirror Image : now the ninja becomes invisible and make an illusion in the ninja's place , enemy ninjas wont even notice that you have casted the spell . 3) Hide In Tree : now the spell can be triggered by hotkey or right click on a tree , and making the ninja invisible not changing his color like old ninja duels maps . 4) Throw Shuriken : now the Shuriken will keep moving even if it hits a ninja , targeting all ninjas in its way and will stop when reach the range limit. 5) Homing Shuriken : the Shuriken will follow it's target and now it kills all ninjas in it's way . 6) blink : now the ninja wont be able to blink in buggy places of the arena . 7) hide in shadow : now the spell is casted and not auto activated when stealth ninja stop's.

** and rebalanced other original spells .

** Hot keys : Z X C V F .

** game commands : -repick : will allow you to repick your ninja , works only one time and in the 1st 10 minutes of the game. -ma : will show you what have other players picked. -cam : lock and unlock the camera on your ninja. -mana : host set the max mana for all ninjas. [/hidden]

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