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We have the newest version of the popular Night of the Dead: Aftermath! NOTD Aftermath is a survival game. It has a steep learning c...


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We have the newest version of the popular Night of the Dead: Aftermath! NOTD Aftermath is a survival game. It has a steep learning curve and a save system to store Marine Experience. Objectives are relayed throughout the game and the Marines must do their best to complete them while surviving the constant onslaught of horrors.

In September 2037, a mysterious viral outbreak in Boston 4 days ago led the city to shut down and the entire state of Massachusetts to be placed under quarantine. Many early Marine Corps elements sent to facilitate the evacuation of the city have been wiped out, detailed by the events of Night of the Dead 2. In the past 36 hours, the US Military finally gained an upperhand and the outbreak was steadily brought under control. With state borders secured, Marine Expeditionary Units have begun patrolling the outlying towns for signs of contamination. Echo Company was one of these fateful units which found itself in the middle of the heaviest concentrations of unknown entities.

Game Features - Scenario based survival. - Playable on slower computers and connections. Game engine has been optimized and memory requirements kept to a minimum. - Relatively accessible to new players and laggier networks. - Simulates a Marine platoon, incorporating tactics and procedures of the USMC. Significant measures to improve relevancy and accuracy will be taken for the next patch.

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Aftermath 1.2a Change Log
Release Date 28th February 2006
General Themes of Change
- Significant SFX improvements.
- Significantly more relevance to USMC tactics and procedures.
- General gameplay improvements.


Bug Fixes
- Corrected knife icon position for Grunt. (USMC-Delta)
- Pet movespeed display problem corrected.
- Airstrike for Marking Beacons now working correctly.
- Officer Proficiencies Hotkey changed to X, due to conflict with Combat Knife on Grunt.
- Wave 18 Combat Engineer attack type now correctly displays as 'Shotgun' instead of 'Rifle'. (lil_nicky888)
- Mini-marines now cannot carry invalid combinations of items and have the same restrictions are their hero counterparts. (USMC-Delta)
- Fixed a bug where item stacks can exceed their limits via clever workarounds. (EvilKid)
- Fixed a description inaccuracy in Suppressive Fire Learn tooltip.
- Fixed the problem with civilians appearing at odd spots during Wave 7 mission.
- Fixed a problem where you broke invisibility with Safety On.
- Fixed a problem where airdrops accumulate near town. (USMC-Delta)
- Reloading now does not cancel the Hold Position order. (cloud0418)
- Fixed a small pet size problem that occured at size 35.
- Fixed a bug where Ammo Feed doesn't adjust your movespeed appropriately.
- Fixed a problem that causes occasional weird behaviour on Wave 18. (TheoriesOfWar)
- Fixed a bug where Combat Maneuvers armor bonus only affected Hero Marines. (Amoyensis)
- Fixed a bug where Suppressive Fire only reduces movespeed by 50%.
- Fixed a bug where Game Over message does not appear if the Battalion UAV is the last to die.
- F22s will now abort the airstrike mission if Lyganesh is dead. (citizen_erased)
- Fixed a bug where your Marine reloads all ammunition which is acquired subsequent to having no ammo. (USMC-Delta)
- Minimized the occurance of Marksman's scope order being cancelled.
- Fixed a bug where dead Battalion UAV player can pick a Hero Marine with its pet. (YeOldSchoolSoda)
- Fixed a behaviorial conflict when using Combat Knife and Safety simultaneously.
- Fixed a bug where you were able to use Scratch Behind Ears anytime as long as Play Dead is ready. (citizen_erased)
- Fixed a problem where Nano Processor regenerated the mana(ammo) of non-hero Marines. (hihihihihi)
- Fixed an ammo related bug. (USMC-Delta)
- Corrected a bug where Shiva dealt no damage if user dies during firing sequence. (kadreal)
- Fixed some Marine chat irregularities. (USMC-Delta)
- Only Heroes may use ammunition now (lil_nicky888)
- LZs now do not give leavers Marines. (lil_nicky888)
- Fixed a problem where planting Surveillance Sentries at the wrong areas causes you to lose mana. (lil_nicky888)
- Zulu heroes now do not level up.
- Fixed a bug where Test Subject 13-A and non-descript sheep could rescue civilians. (Pipedream)
- Reduced the likelihood of Deltas setting off CEs when marines are on them.
- Fortitude Aura now only affects Organic units.
- Fixed an occasional tunnel camera problem with Battalion UAV. (25cai)
- Fixed a tooltip typo on Delta Force's Flare. (ki3nf3i)
- Corrected and improved F22 Raptor AI and flight issues.
- Fixed a problem with Apache's Napalm dealing secondary damage to air units. (lil_nicky888)
- Fixed a bug where you could 'rescue' the dead Black Hawk crew. (ki3nf3i)
- Fixed a problem where units are temporarily invulnerable when hit by monofilament cartridge. (Adun)
- Fixed an error where the game gave the Human Undead player an Article 15 when killing a player.

New Features and Improvements
- Better Black Hawk wash-off effects.
- New Ranks : Brigadier General (450,000), Major General (600,000), Lietenant General (800,000), General (1,000,000). 
- Game XP Limit increased from 1,000,000 to 2,000,000.
- Master Sergeant and Sergeant Major ranks changed to Staff Sergeant and Gunnery Sergeant.
- NOTD Pies codes are no longer supported.
- Difficulty setting now displayed in Quests menu. (Pipedream)
- Current Orders now displayed on Quests menu. (Tim)
- Every Marine reinforcement notches difficulty up appropriately. Mini-marines have to earn their keep.
- Desert Eagle brought forward to main actions menu for ALO. (USMC-Delta)
- The Tunnel (tm) now uses static cameras. Pets can now enjoy FPS mode in the Tunnel.
- Changes and updates to weapons systems.
- Icon updates made.
- Further ability additions and tweaks to pets. Pet damage reduced.
- Small sound improvements.
- Reduced hit point regeneration for all Marines. (Pipedream)
- Wave 3b - Artillery Support added (j45on)
- Added Jump ability to all Marines. (SniPeD)
- Cocoons mission difficulty tuned down.
- Exclaimation action added. Activated by double-tapping the ESC key. (j45on)
- New Items : Thermal Detonator, Transceiver (Amoyensis, j45on)
- Support Elements now have a small chance of acquiring Flamethrowers or Navy Corpsmen.
- Improved Artificial Intelligence.
- Muzzle Brake Suppressor placed in Marine Actions menu. Combat Knife brought forward. (USMC-Delta)
- Added The Cloud.
- Training mode renamed to Boot Camp mode (-boot). Material improvements made. (wc3campaigns, Arphen)
- In Boot Camp, senior NCOs gain 60xp per wave. Officers and Enlisted gain 20xp per wave. There is no combat xp during Boot Camp.
- You can now complete the entire game in Boot Camp mode.
- Deathmatch mode can now be activated with -dm command. This will take several patches to fully develop.
- Undead player now controls Ragnarok.
- Reduced the difficulty choices from 5 to 3 : I Can Win, Normal, Nightmare.
- Removed friendly fire from Heavy Support. (Kadreal)
- White Phosphorus Rounds ability added to ALO. (noobas4urur_r3x)
- Disarm is now an Engineer's ability. Removed from ALO.
- FPS mode is now compatible with pets.
- Alternate Delta Force chapter added. This will be fully developed in the next patch.
- Increased Fire Mission range from 3000 to 6000. (Arphen)
- ALO is now only available after achieving the rank of Gunnery Sergeant. (Serenity)
- Marines now have a loose limit of 50 magazines. (kirkdawg)
- All classes are now available to players in Boot Camp mode. (Adun)
- Changes made to Wave 8a - Moirae.
- Combat Engineer added to the random pool of Marines for Support elements. (Demon12)
- Orbital Artillery range now unlimited. (Yupp)
- MK-2 Nano Processor updated.
- Reduced the length of Wave 16a - Secure LZs by 50%.
- Double tapping the ESC key signals attention. In FPS mode, it will toggle camera rotation.
- Double tapping the F1 key during FPS mode - no rotation will reorient the camera to your unit's facing direction. (Pipedream)
- Fracture's ms decrease has been reduced to 15% from 35%. You now cannot sprint when you have a fracture. (Yupp)

If you feel that your work have been used without proper credit or credited to the wrong source, please post here. 
- FM Bilouxi and FM Osiris for the concept and inspiration. 
- Clan MADD for hosting kingsforum. 
- NotD community for the feedback. 
- CX for the bulk of the chinese translation.
- Jason for hosting and setting up the website.
- Kenchihi for the technical aspects and help provided on the inner workings of the website.
- All the critics of this project.
- PitzerMike's World Editor Unlimited for the ability to add new terrain tiles above the default limit.

Music and Sounds
God$peed - Catch Him - Intro sequence

Havoc Model - Killst4r 
F-22 Raptor Model - Illidan(Evil)X 
Sentry Gun Model - Domokun 
Marine Camoflouge Model - Lost_Tribute (I had to edit this skin a little to match some aesthetic requirements) 
Earth Model (low resolution) - RightField 

- Pipedream for the bulk of the custom Jass content and have the patience to put up with my learning experience. 
- Vexorian for PolledWait2 
- Kattana for FadeUnitVertexColor 
- Kattana for Local Handle Variables 
- and Vexorian for FadingText 
- AIAndy, Vexorian, PitzerMike and Anitarf for the quality and depth of their posts on , which answered many questions on a wide range of issues.

Aftermath uses many icons come that from multiple sources and I will identify as many as possible. Many original NotD 2 icons have been touched up and re-bordered by me. The difference is especially stark in the DISBTN icons (click on another player's marine and see his inventory in both NotD 2 and Aftermath to see what I mean). 
- Monofilament Cartridge : Daelin (BTNTelekinesis)

Reading List and Sources
- Storm on the Horizon (David J. Morris)
- Hill 488 (Ray Hildreth & Charles W. Sasser)
- Force Recon Command (Lt. Col. Alex Lee, USMC (Ret.))
- Jarhead (Anthony Swofford)
- Inside Delta Force (Eric Haney)
- The Alpha Bravo Delta Guide to the U.S. Marine Corps (Clifton Ganyard, Ph.D.)
- Don't Bunch Up (William Van Zanten)
- The Battle of Mogadishu (Matt Eversmann & Dan Schilling)
- Black Hawk Down (Mark Bowden)

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