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We are proud to present the most recent version of the popular Night of the Dead: Aftermath, for your enjoyment! Alot of glitches ha...


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We are proud to present the most recent version of the popular Night of the Dead: Aftermath, for your enjoyment! Alot of glitches have been fixed, and the gameplay has been improved. NOTD: Aftermath is a survival game; It has a steep learning curve and a save system to store Marine Experience. Objectives are relayed throughout the game and the Marines must do their best to complete them while surviving the constant onslaught of horrors.

A little background In September 2037, a mysterious viral outbreak in Boston 4 days ago led the city to shut down and the entire state of Massachusetts to be placed under quarantine. Many early Marine Corps elements sent to facilitate the evacuation of the city have been wiped out, detailed by the events of Night of the Dead 2. In the past 36 hours, the US Military finally gained an upperhand and the outbreak was steadily brought under control. With state borders secured, Marine Expeditionary Units have begun patrolling the outlying towns for signs of contamination. Echo Company was one of these fateful units which found itself in the middle of the heaviest concentrations of unknown entities.

Game Features - Scenario based survival. - Playable on slower computers and connections. Game engine has been optimized and memory requirements kept to a minimum. - Relatively accessible to new players and laggier networks. - Simulates a Marine platoon, incorporating tactics and procedures of the USMC.

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Genre : Survival 
Supported Players : 8 
File Size : 2.5mb 
Website : 

Night of the Dead : Aftermath FAQ 
What sets Aftermath apart from the rest of the survival maps? 
Quality of execution and depth. I understand that this is not quantifiable and verifiable in an objective manner, but it is Aftermath's main selling point. 

What Classes are there? 
There are a total of 9 player selectable classes : Grunt, Heavy Support, Firebat, Navy Corpsman, Combat Engineer, Artillery Liaison Officer (Sergeant), Force Recon (Sergeant), Delta Force (Captain). Throughout the course of the game, players may also be granted the use of friendly NPC Marines. 

How many Waves are there in Aftermath? 
There are a total of 18 Waves. Some waves and chapters have alternate versions that add replayability and variation to the game. The game is divided into 3 Chapters. Each Chapter may require distinctive tactics and skills. 

What do we do in Aftermath? 
The primary objective in the game is survival. Some waves will have optional quests that benefit your squad upon completion. Survival depends greatly on teamwork and personal skills alike. The difficulty of the game scales with various factors such as player rank, total players alive, total starting players, hits taken thus far, kill efficiency, combat responsiveness, ailments taken. As such, there can never be too many or too little players for a game. 

Do my save codes in Aftermath work in Night of the Dead II? 
They do not. 


Aftermath 1.2 Change Log
Release Date 30th January 2006 
General Themes of Change 
- More maneuvering and group movement, less static positions 
- Greater depth 
- Transition from a largely GUI code to JASS. 


Bug Fixes 
- Fixed a bug where Battalion UAV does not register any hits taken. 
- Fixed a bug where Battalion UAV's Laser Designator does not produce a messege and ping. 
- Fixed some occasional convoy pathing issues. 
- Doesn't display 'Black Hawk Crew have died due to excessive blood loss.' text if all marines are dead when time limit ends for Black Hawk wave. 
- Fixed some AI problems with the first Unknown Entity Computer. 
- Fixed a rare crash that occured with the Black Hawk survivor rescue sequence. (Caserbob) 
- Fixed a serious ammunition bug. (Mr. Freeze & USMC Delta) 
- Heavy Support attack type correctly changed to Machine Gun instead of Rifle. 
- Delta Force, Force Recon and ALO selection tooltip typos and inaccuracies corrected. 
- Fixed a bug in vital signs where it displayed that marines were badly injured when a player has not selected a marine yet. 
- Marine spawns on water now produce a splash effect instead of dust. (Concrete) 
- Fixed a TOT Mission loophole. 
- Mend now has a mana cost of 25. 
- Fixed random crashes caused by a unit cleanup trigger. 
- Fixed a bug with Ammo Modifiers causing items to occasionally lose their damage bonuses. 
- Added active borders to Claymore, Chain Explosive, Medkit, Fibrin Bandage, Ammo Box and Magazine icons. (Infrane) 
- Fixed a bug where Delta Force remain idle if the Marines kill Lyganesh before they detonate the CEs. 
- Deltas will not blow the CEs if Lyganesh has very little HP left. 
- Navy Transport resupply now gives HS +2 mags instead of +3. (Pipedream) 

New Features and Improvements 
- Added Night Vision Goggles for all classes. 
- Darkened the map slightly, giving a greater night time feel, and reducing your general visibility. 
- Experience gain from cannibalized increased slightly. 
- Dead Battalion UAV player now gets a pet. (lost-azn-boy) 
- Modified Wave 5 - Convoy. 
- Reloading sounds are now 3D, and slightly tweaked. 
- Self-Repair ability added to Battalion UAV. 
- Reduced the number of medical items in town. C-130 airdrops are now more widely spaced out. 
- Time required to enter camoflouge increased. 
- Small Force Recon movespeed increase. 
- Reduced Claymore activation time from 10 to 5 seconds. 
- Battalion UAV hit points decreased. 
- Reconnaisance and Covert Operations now require Hero level 3 instead of 2. 
- Cut down the number of function calls whenever possible. Reduced script length by almost 10%. 
- Reduced the amount of first-cast lag. 
- Experience awarded for successfully completing training mode increased from 75 to 250. 
- Added a very basic Corpsman AI. 
- Players are now granted vision of Marine Forces during Chapter 3. 
- Increased Blood Transfusion's mana cost. Hit Points gained increased. 
- Added Engineering Skills sub-menu for Combat Engineer. 
- Terrain size increased by 32x32 tiles. Added an airport section in North East of the map. 
- Marine projectiles now deal less damage against Kevlar Armor. (Notnewguy) 
- Time for Surveillance Sentries wave increased by 1 minute, due to the increase in map size. 
- Marksman's Critical Strike is now placed in the Actions menu. Desert Eagle brought forward. 
- Medal requirements are now slightly less stringent. 
- Improved monofilament cartridge's tooltip. 
- Slight tweak in Muzzle Brake Suppressor mechanics, so that they Marksman doesn't seem to disappear momentarily with each shot. 
- Small change in intro music theme. 
- Combat Knife added to Grunt, Delta Force, Marksman and Force Recon. 
- Air support now provides converage across the entire map during Wave 4. 
- ALO base mana increased. 
- ALO attack weapon changed from M4A1 to submachine gun (800 attack range). 
- RPG cooldown decreased from 80 seconds to 60 seconds. 
- Energy Cell mana regeneration bonus increased from 35% to 50%. 
- RPG casting range increased from 1800 to 3500. 
- Moirae tracker ping interval increased from 5 seconds to 10 seconds. 
- Updated Marine chatter to reflect more on actual gameplay events. 
- GPS Satellite ability added to Communications Array. This is a compromise due to the failure to repair vision problems in the Comm. Array. (Amoyensis) 
- New pet abilities and traits added. 
- Pet Size now drops on death. 
- Pet HP now increases by 35 for every 10 pet levels. 
- Pet speed increases marginally with each level. 
- At level 60, pets gain Sharp Teeth ability and lose permanent invisibility. 
- Pet growth rate reduced to 2%. 
- RPG and SMAW firing time reduced. 
- Navy Transport now provides continuous fire support. 
- Chaingun can now be disassembled. (Demon12) 
- Grunts now start with a Smoke Grenade and Corpsman with a Medkit. 
- New items : Detonation Cord, Smoke Grenade, Pancor Jackhammer, Nano Body Armor. 
- Base Marine movespeed increased. Magazines held by Marines now slow your movespeed by 1.4 per magazine. 
- Items now have a stack limit : Ammo Box ( 8 ), Shotguns (24), Grenade Launchers (10), Chain Explosives (12), Claymores (9) 
- Reduced the charges in CEs and Claymores, increased damage. 
- First airdrop begins only at the middle of Wave 1. 
- Firebat now has fuel capacity of 2500 fuel units. 
- Fibrin Bandage stack limit increased to 3, AV stack limit increased to 5. 
- '-ms' command now displays every player's movespeed. 
- M242 Rounds per magazine increased from 25 to 35. 
- Flare Gun item added to ALO and Engineer. 
- Greater clarity in mission objectives. 
- Addressed static strategies (prolonged camping) 
- Parasite Spore range reduced from 1000 to 400. Movement speed increased slightly. 
- Reduced Cauterize's cooldown from 20 to 15 seconds. Increased mana cost by 5. 
- All classes can now use M203. Reasoning : There is a pistol-grip variant. 
- Creeps are slightly easier to kill during the first 4 waves. 
- Surveillance Sentries no longer need to be activated after placement. 
- Shiva drop will periodically ping on Wave 8 - Moirae. (lil_nicky888) 
- Hero Level 3 now required to learn Napalm. Friendly fire from Napalm removed. 
- Movement speed reduction from carrying M242 Components reduced from 45 to 40. 
- Scaled down Lyganesh slightly. 
- Delta Operators don't wander around to their deaths anymore. (crosses fingers) 
- Dead Players now get mini-marines on Wave 5, Wave 10 and Wave 15. The mini-marines can be accumulated. 
- Wave 16 LZ missions now give all players Marines, not just those alive. 
- Delta Forces' main objective is now to assist you in the retrieval of the M242 Chaingun. 
- You can now save your codes a maximum of 2 times. 
- Players now just need to move next to the M242 Chaingun to operate it. 
- Hits Taken calculation and ailments now more accurate. (Replaced unit is attacked event with unit is damaged) 
- Battalion UAV's airstrike is now more immediate. 
- Battalion UAV now takes 3 seconds to pick and drop items. This cannot be cancelled once the action is performed. 
- Battalion UAV now has 4 inventory slots. Battalion UAV loses 40ms with each item acquired. 
- Suppresive fire has a fixed duration of 10 seconds for all levels. HS remains stationary during this time. 
- Five difficulty modes now available : I Can Win, Bring 'Em On, Hurt Me Plenty, Hardcore, Nightmare. 
- Each civilian that is brought successfully to the Navy Transport now reduces difficulty marginally. 
- Civilians are now extracted through house to house searches in Wave 7. 
- CAS (Close Air Support) Mission implemented for Wave 17. This will be further developed in the next patch. 
- Implemented rudimentary FieldChat system. 
- Fire Artillery ability now renamed to the more accurate 'Fire Mission'. Learn and usage hotkeys are now aligned to F. 
- Battalion UAV Airstrike ability now available only from Wave 15 onwards. Cooldown reduced from 270 seconds to 60 seconds. 
- Increased Recon UAV visual range from 325 to 375. 
- Scratch Behind Ears hotkey changed to B. Earlier conflict with Cannibalize hotkey. (yukie darling) 
- Cocoons Mission introduced in Revelation Chapter. 
- You cannot earn medals in I Can Win and Bring 'Em On difficulties. 
- The Pilot's death in Wave 4 : BHD now has some adverse consequences. 
- Killing other Marines now result in an Article 15. 
- UAV can now repair all Mechanical units. (mef-cori) 
- Combat Knife moved to the main action menu. (USMC-Delta) 
- You can now view your pet's movespeed with -ms. (USMC-Delta)

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