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We are proud to present the most recent version of the popular Night of the Dead: Aftermath, for your enjoyment! Alot of glitches have been...


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We are proud to present the most recent version of the popular Night of the Dead: Aftermath, for your enjoyment! Alot of glitches have been fixed, and the gameplay has been improved. NOTD: Aftermath is a survival game; It has a steep learning curve and a save system to store Marine Experience. Objectives are relayed throughout the game and the Marines must do their best to complete them while surviving the constant onslaught of horrors.

A little background In September 2037, a mysterious viral outbreak in Boston 4 days ago led the city to shut down and the entire state of Massachusetts to be placed under quarantine. Many early Marine Corps elements sent to facilitate the evacuation of the city have been wiped out, detailed by the events of Night of the Dead 2. In the past 36 hours, the US Military finally gained an upperhand and the outbreak was steadily brought under control. With state borders secured, Marine Expeditionary Units have begun patrolling the outlying towns for signs of contamination. Echo Company was one of these fateful units which found itself in the middle of the heaviest concentrations of unknown entities.

Game Features - Scenario based survival. - Playable on slower computers and connections. Game engine has been optimized and memory requirements kept to a minimum. - Relatively accessible to new players and laggier networks. - Simulates a Marine platoon, incorporating tactics and procedures of the USMC.

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Aftermath 1.2c Change Log
General Themes of Change
- Removal of all known bugs
- Quality and efficiency improvement


Bug Fixes
- Fixed an issue with Chaingun Experience Award.
- Added some security measures to convoy pathing. (USMC-Delta, Deftmana)
- Fixed a permanent loop when Predator MK-2 picks up a restricted item. (Yupp)
- Fixed a problem with civilian rescues. (ki3nf3i)
- Adjusted Jump tooltip. (Chaos)
- Fixed a bug where the M242 Operator would not attack once the M242 was disassembled.
- Fixed some end sequence technicalities. (ffflash)
- Casualty radio transmission is now not heard when the Predator MK-2 is destroyed. (Chaos)
- Fixed a bug where you could trigger multiple Chapters on Wave 9. (PLaSTiC)
- Minimized a problem where Delta Force does not appear if Lyganesh is killed too quickly.
- Removed Thermal Detonator's DISBTN Borders.

New Features and Improvements
- Reduced the probability of the Cloud appearing to 1/5th its original level in Boot Camp mode. (ffflash)
- ACA can now be toggled on/off by their respective players with the command '-aca'. (ffflash, zero)
- '-sm' mode added. Gameplay is two times quicker and creeps have reduced hp.
- Cluster Rockets will now damage air units. (PO_Berserker)
- The Communications Tower now has three EM charges. (Demon12)
- Battalion/Undead is now displayed on the score screen. (Yupp)
- Changed Desert Eagle's base spell to improve performance and reduce spikes on slower computers.
- ACA disabled when TOT Mission is used. (USMC-Delta)
- Re-engineered the entire ammunition system in order to correct any known abuses from third party software.
- The Corpsman, Marksman and Heavy Support is now only available after achieving the rank of PFC.
- Increased Grunt limit from 3 to 5.
- LZ Marines now come with additional equipment.
- Refinement of final wave made.
- You now receive damage when jumping with a fracture. (lil_nicky888)
- MK-2 Nano Processor now improves the Engineer's energy regeneration rate by 15% per level.
- Added Illumination Rounds and Transceiver ability to Artillery Liaison Officer.
- Desert Eagle added to Heavy Support. (USMC-Delta)
- Increased Marksman's range from 3000 to 3500.

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