Requiem Of The Gods 1.33

Description: Put simply, ROTG is a hero arena. Put properly, its the hero arena! No tomes, Huge bosses, Multiple game modes, player duellin...


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Description: Put simply, ROTG is a hero arena. Put properly, its the hero arena! No tomes, Huge bosses, Multiple game modes, player duelling, all custom powers, custom models, icons and more content than you can shake a pointy stick at.

Gone are the ideas of +300 damage items, ridiculous attack speeds, dull, boring magic, ROTG is a carefully balanced well-thought out arena for the sensible CG player. Prepare to actually need a strategy to get somewhere.

Requiem of the Gods (ROTG) is a Hero Arena, developed by Steelb_l_ade, that has been in production for over 2 years now incorporating a different style of gameplay and many different features that sets it apart from most other Hero Arena maps. There are many custom hero arenas available for Warcraft III and the initial inspiration for creating ROTG was to merge the idea of a hero arena with having a team based objective while having fair and competitive gameplay. ROTG was developed with this in mind, rewarding players that do well, while still making it reasonably possible for the losing team to ultimately win the game.

The Teamplay mode:

This is a team-based game which pits two teams against each other in a full custom game where the objective is to be the first team to defeat a powerful boss. (This is the "full" game of ROTG with full creeping, items, mini-games and everything else)

The Duelling mode:

This is series of rounds of hero combat between two teams with best of 7 round wins winning the game. This mode is much shorter and less complex than the Teamplay mode and is designed for quick, pure-hero combat games.

Each mode can also be broken down into "sub" modes with many different options including score based targets and deathmatches.

Refer to the readme or see the official site at for additional information.

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Download '' (3.81MB)

Its been a year since ROTG first launched on and since then it has undergone many changes and updates.
I can now say with confidence that the latest versions of ROTG are the best ever with severly reduced loadtimes and more features than ever!
Me and my fiancee' have been working around the clock for the last few weeks to bring you this new version of the map which I hope you will enjoy playing.
Alongside this ROTG now has a brand new website based at
With this new site is a greatly enhanced forum including a full user reputation system, searching system, buddy system and just about everything else!
Also all the pages have been updated to match the latest versions of the map and all the hero pages have now been completed.
All users can now post strategy articles regarding heroes/gameplay that will appear in the guide pages themselves so knock yourself out!

INSTALLATION: Simply save the map in your Frozen Throne download directory.
i.e C:GamesWarcraft IIIMapsDownload


This map is soley created by myself ( and none of its content may be modded, reused or changed without permission directly from myself.

Here is a full list of credits for ROTG, all third party material listed below has been used and modified with the authors express permission.

I am the creator of ROTG and its designer.
I have played Warcraft III since its release almost five years ago and have created several other custom maps prior to making ROTG. (These maps can be downloaded from Clan Volt's Website)
I have been running my Warcraft III clan known as Volt for over 3 years at the time of writing. 
I'm 26 years old of British origin and live in the south west of England. 
I decided to write ROTG due to the lack of carefully balanced Hero Arenas and hope it will become successful and you all enjoy playing it.

My long-suffering fiancée has helped me write the map from the very beginning of its development. 
She has been a great help in writing up the code and tooltips. 
This map would not have been possible without her valued help.
She lives with me in southern England.

~Maximus_Descius@Northrend & Gunnarstyle@Northrend~
My two clan shamans have spent many many long hours of their time endlessly play-testing ROTG during its development in order to debug it and balance out the heroes. 
The map would have taken months longer to complete if it wasn't for the efforts of these two in suggesting improvements and finding bugs.
Maximus lives in the south of England and Gunnarstyle lives in Denmark.

~Custom Models~
Original "Underworld entrance" by: .....
Original "Melee Statue" by: .....
Original "Sea Drake" by: Jigrael
Original "Chaos Warrior" by: Miseracord
"Dark Rider" by: OlofMoleMan
"Hell Knight"  by: Jigrael
"Witch Hunter attack animation"  by: MechanicalMan
"Witch Hunter improved pistol"  by: MechanicalMan
"Dragonkin"  by: GeneralFrank
New "Swordmaster" base by: GeneralFrank
"Dud'Jin Kai" imported from WoW.
"Divine Manifestation" imported from WoW.

~Custom Sounds~
Godlike, Wicked Sick, New Round, 3,2,1, Humiliating Defeat, Headshot, Ownage, First Blood, 2 Minutes Remain by: Atari (Unreal Tournament 2003)

Original "Combat Mastery" by: Leopard
Original "Counter Attack" by: Arksword(sv)
Original "Ice Blast" by: Seraxus
Original "Omni Drain" by: ArcanisteR
Original "Pounce" by: Leopard
Original "Quicksand" by:  Shamanrular
Original "Vinewall" by: Pyrodactyl

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