Return of Alisia Dragoon



The campaign takes place several years after the defeat of Baldour. Now, peace is threatened once again, but this time possibly from within... Based on the classic sega Genesis game "Alisia Dragoon" by Gainax, this campaign revisits many of the old scenerios and tries to bring a worthy continuation of the series to warcraft 3: TFT. Will require the latest patch to run. This campaign has many different kinds of gameplay, including traditional RTS, 3rd person shooting, rail shooting, Click defense, AoS and so forth. This new version incorperates new models, including a new, high quality model for the main character. Three new maps have been added since the last version, making a total of 9 mission maps, 3 cinimatics maps and a bonus map. The story has been further developed as well. Any questions or comments, feel free to email me at [email protected] Thanks!



Campaign by: VGsatomi (http://www.wc3sear.ch/)

Credits to all resourse makers are given during the ending credits.
To play this campaign, take the "ReturnOfAlisiaDragoon.wcm" campaign
file and put it in your warcraft 3 campaign folder.
In game, the campaign can be accessed through the single player option, then
costom campaigns.

My inspiration fot his campaign was my love for the original sega genesis
classic, ALisia Dragoon and felt that justice should be given to the series
once again.

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