Return of Alisia Dragoon

"As Baldour, the prince of all things evil, nears the end of his dormancy, the cocoon in which he rests is transported to Earth by his aide...


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"As Baldour, the prince of all things evil, nears the end of his dormancy, the cocoon in which he rests is transported to Earth by his aide, Ornah. The world is still recovering from the devastating effects of Baldour's last visit. Alisia Dragoon is the daughter of the magician who attempted to stop Baldour. When she was a child, Alisia's father was tortured to death before her very eyes. His final cries of agony ring in her ears even now. Inexplicably, Alisia's life was spared. She is now a woman with magical ability rivalling that of her father. "Baldour is going to wish he had killed me as well," she vows.

Alisia must find Ornah and the cocoon before Baldour awakens. Use her Thunder Magic to demolish enemies, and summon any one of the four friendly monsters to help you. If Baldour awakens before you can destroy the cocoon, there may be no tomorrow... "

The corse of the game naturually ends with Alisia defeating Baldour and restoring peace. My campiagn takes place a few years afterward. Alisia had retired to a secluded town where she hoped to live out her days in peace, but things carry on from there. The missions range from traditional RPG-style map to mini-game style, including AoS, air battles with arrow key movement, and 1 on 1 duels. The RPG maps are split into section, with each section guarded by a boss, who must be defeated in order to continue on.

The 4 pet monster helpers make a comeback. Some old, some new. Monsters can be toggled using the arrow keys. The monsters will follow the main character wherever she goes and offer their abilites, wether its attack, defense or restoration.

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Greetings, welcome to "Return of Alisia Dragoon!"

It's a single player campaign built by me. Contains 6 Mission maps, 2 cinimatics maps, a boss/ending credits map and a bonus map.

Who is Alisa Dragoon?

"Alisia Dragoon" was a side-scrolling platform action game for the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive released back in 1992. Being one of my personal favorites for that system, I decided to do bring justice to the series here in WC3. I tried to replicate as many aspects of the original as I could into this. Being its an action being converted to an RTS, naturually much of the original element is lost and new strategies take place.

Thanks for trying out my campaign. Credits to all resourse makers are given during the ending credits.


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