Revenge of the Werewolf

An updated version of this map is now available for your enjoyment!

Ten farmers from Northhaven escaped into the surrounding woods...


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An updated version of this map is now available for your enjoyment!

Ten farmers from Northhaven escaped into the surrounding woods under dark of night. Each one fearing for his life, he took what little gold he could find, and struck a tenuous alliance with his fellow survivors. As the ten settlers ventured further into the wilderness, they came to realize that they had not fully escaped from their horrible predicament. Two of them were slaughtered one night, in the ruthless and efficient manner that could only have been the work of a werewolf. And, seeing no werewolves around them, the remaining farmers came to realize the horrible truth: that one of them was, in fact, a werewolf himself!

Each night, when exposed to moonlight, one of the farmers would transform into a hideous killing machine. When he awoke the next morning, he would have no idea what he had done, or whom he had killed. Thus, ferretting out the werewolf proved a tougher task than any of the farmers could have imagined.

And now, as their numbers begin to dwindle, the survivors realize they cannot run forever. It is time to take action. It is time to fight back...or die trying!

See the readme for an update on what's been changed in this version!

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-= version 1.1 =-

a multi-player custom map for Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne

by Millie Angelfire (
based upon the map and concept "Werewolf" by carpe_noctem

Suggested Players: Up to 8



I.	Version History / Changes
II.	Storyline
III.	Installation and Use
IV.	How to Play
V.	A Note About Game Balance and Complexity
VI.	Legal(ish!) Notice
VII.	Author's Contact Information



-= Version 1.1 =-

- Added many new "lore" items to the game. These items, while not inherently beneficial to the holder, tell a good deal about
the back stories and mythology of the land and its inhabitants. Some of them also contain useful bits of knowledge for dealing
with werewolves. All of them can be sold for decent amounts of gold.
- Added some more equippable items for humans, as well as power-up items for werewolves.
- Increased the difficulty of killing the Werewolf Slayer NPCs, but also improved the reward for doing so.
- Added some Werewolf Slayer equivalents, who are hostile to the Human faction. Added rewards for defeating these NPCs.

-= Version 1.0 =-

- First release of "Revenge of the Werewolf," based upon previous versions of "Werewolf" by carpe_noctem, et al.
- Added three new NPC "werewolf slayer" units in specialized locations around the map; these units will attempt
to attack and kill any werewolf-type units with whom they come in contact
- Added new, equippable items for both Human and Werewolf factions
- Added new spells, abilities, and effects for all factions
- Increased base werewolf hitpoints and armor to compensate for the addition of new human items
- Added a new, secret shop where some of the more exotic and powerful items can be purchased
- Provided a basic storyline, lore, and cast of background characters to the game. To the best of my knowledge,
such elements did not exist (or at least not in any appreciable depth) in previous "Werewolf" games.



Just last week, the remote but sizeable village of Northhaven was decimated in a surprise attack by werewolves. These mysterious
beings -- not fully wolf, but not quite human -- emerged seemingly out of thin air, laying waste to any and all in their paths.



- Please note that the Warcraft III expansion pack, "The Frozen Throne," is necessary to run the "Revenge of the Werewolf" module.

- To install, simply drag the map file ("rotw1.0.w3x) into the "Map" directory in your Warcraft III folder.

- Please note that this is a multi-player map. While it's technically possible to play the map in single-player mode, the computer
teams will not behave properly, and your gaming experience will be compromised severely. The map is best enjoyed over Battle.Net,
or on a multi-player LAN game. Up to 8 human players may participate, and a full 8 are encouraged for maximum enjoyment of the game.

- Should you host a game on Battle.Net, other players will download and install the map automatically from you. If they have copies
of the map already, they will not need to download from you.



Gameplay in "Revenge of the Werewolf" follows the basic gameplay of previous "Werewolf" maps -- which is to say, it's a modified
version of the Warcraft III system. All basic types of combat, spellcasting, resource harvesting, and unit movement follow -- more or less
identically -- from their counterparts in WC3.

You and your fellow farmers will begin each game with one unit -- a Farmer (essentially, a beefed up Peasant). 
At the beginning of the game, the computer will select one player at random, who then becomes cursed with lycanthropy. Whoever is
the Werewolf will not realize as much until nightfall, when his Farmer will transform into a Werewolf unit. The rest of the players
will remain human, and must fend off attacks from the Werewolf player.

-=Gameplay Objectives=-

HUMANS: Build up a village of workers, fighters and defensive structures, in an attempt to defend yourself from Werewolf attacks. You
will win the game, and end it, when one of you manages to defeat the Werewolf. If all human players are killed, the game will end
in their defeat.

WEREWOLF: During the day, go about your business as though you are a normal human. Do your best not to let on about your true identity.
The better you can keep your werewolf condition secret, the better your chances of surprising and killing your fellow players. At night,
you will transform -- and your goal is to destroy or infect the human players. The game will end in your victory if you eliminate 
all human players from the game. Conversely, the game will end in your defeat if your main unit is killed (whether in Farmer
or Werewolf form).

-=Gameplay Basics=-


- Build farms, pig farms, and grain silos to support a growing population in your village. Recruit a Wife from your Farm, who
will then be able to produce children for you. Train each child as either a Worker (resource gatherer) or a Fighter (in various varieties).
Build supporting structures to defend and maintain your village and its inhabitants. Wood can be obtained from trees, and Gold is generated
every few minutes in a small 'salary' -- the amount of which increases for every animal in your village. Animals are produced at random from
your farm structures. Gold can also be obtained by trading 100 Wood for 20 Gold at your Farm structure. (Note: most structures require only
Wood to build, whereas most units require only Gold to train). All units, and some structures, will use up the Food resource when built.

= Upgrades to armor and weapons, as well as special unit training, can be purchased at your Research Center-type buildings.

- Humans can go to war with one another if they so desire. Often, a human player will initiate a war with a fellow human under the 
misconception that his chosen enemy is the Werewolf. This is a common mistake, and it's part of what keeps the game interesting. Until you
find out firsthand who the Werewolf is, you will be kept guessing -- and will be suspicious of your fellow "humans."

- Wars can be ended by signing a "Peace Treaty." Anyone who clicks the Peace Treaty button agrees to its terms, and will automatically ally
with fellow signees.


- Each night, you will become a Werewolf; each morning, you will turn back into a Farmer. As a werewolf, kill pigs, sheep and 
other animals to obtain gold and resources. Kill humans and NPCs as you see fit. You can -- and should -- use your "Infect" ability to
turn humans or NPCs into werewolves. Doing so will label the affected target "Infected," and that unit will become a wolf every night. 
When in wolf form, they will yours to use. At daybreak, they will turn back into Infected humans/animals, and will not be
controllable until the next nightfall. The strength of the unit prior to infection will determine the strength of
the lycanthrope you produce. You will only be able to infect/control a certain number of units at any 
given time, so pick your targets wisely.

- Upgrades to your werewolf abilities can be purchased (for Gold only; no Wood is required) by clicking the appropriate icons
on your Werewolf unit's menu.

- Eliminate all human opponents by killing their Farmer unit. All of their other units can be Infected or killed, as you desire.

- Beware of the wandering "Werewolf Slayer" NPCs that populate the forest. They can be quite formidable foes, even for
your Werewolf form!



I have observed quite often that, in previous "Werewolf" maps, some serious imbalances existed between the Human and Werewolf factions. These
imbalances, while subtle, tended to steer every game down a similarly predictable path. Gameplay was structured so that the early game
favored the Werewolf significantly, and the advantage grew more and more in the humans' favor as the game progressed. This was due mostly
to the Werewolf's limited unit capacity and "tech" potential, and the humans' comparatively limitless potential for growth. As such,
the Werewolf had no choice but to rush the humans from the get-go, or risk seeing his advantage slip away to such a degree that he
was rendered helpless. This issue made the game both unfair and boring.

I tried to counter this problem by mixing things up considerably in "Revenge of the Werewolf." Namely, the Werewolf will still have a clear 
and real advantage throughout the early stages of the game -- but he will remain a viable force to be reckoned with throughout. I have 
improved the Werewolf unit's stats and abilities considerably, and given him a more complex "technology" tree.

To balance out these additions, I've added end-game items for the human faction. I use the term "end-game," because these items, while
extremely powerful, are prohibitively expensive. In all likelihood, a human player will not survive long enough to purchase this gear. 
But if he does, it will not be for quite a while into the game. In the long run, these items serve more to keep things interesting
over a lengthy game than they do to throw things wildly in the humans' favor. 

A fully equipped human Farmer will never be able to go toe-to-toe with a main Werewolf unit, but he will hold his own much more 
admirably. And because of the exhorbitant cost of equipping the Farmer in end-game items, the equipment will have to come at the expense
of buildings and support units. So the human player now has a much more interesting set of choices to make, tailored to his style of play. 
Should he use his gold to build a stronger base, and defend himself there? Or should he spend his gold on items for the Farmer, 
decking him out as a "Werewolf Hunter" in his own right?

And speaking of Werewolf Hunters, there are a handful of new NPCs roaming the woods who purport to do just that -- hunt down the werewolves.
These characters each come with an amusing back story and colorful personality. But don't be fooled; they can pack quite a punch. Mainly,
they're here to keep the Werewolf player from getting too cocky. If he wanders into the wrong neck of the wilderness, he may find himself
with a real fight on his hands. Then again, if he wins that fight, he may find some interesting rewards...

I hope you enjoy playing through these changes as much as I enjoyed conceiving and producing them. If I did my job right, then 
these additions will make an already great map even better and more complex. :)



Distribution of the map is free, permitted, and encouraged! :) Feel free to pass it along as you see fit, and to tell others about it.

"Revenge of the Werewolf" map, units, characters, story and gameplay are copyrighted (c) 2006 by Alyssa Flynn (Millie Angelfire). 
Unauthorized modification of this map or any of its components without the Author's permission is strictly prohibited.

Only the Author will release "official" versions of this map; do not accept immitations!

Original "Werewolf" concept, design and map are (to the best of my knowledge) by carpe_noctem, and 
possibly translated from an original German source map. I do not know the name of the German creator/author, so alas, I cannot 
give him or her credit where credit is due. All I can do is acknowledge his/her possible original authorship of the "Werewolf" map.

"Warcraft," "Warcraft III," "The Frozen Throne," "Battle.Net," and all likenesses, trademarks, characters, and components within are
copyrights of Blizzard Software, Inc.



"Revenge of the Werewolf" version 1.1
Copyright 2006, Alyssa Flynn (aka "Millie Angelfire")

AIM: LyssaFlynn
Web Site:
Battle.Net Name: Millie_ (Us East / Azeroth Server)


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