Some of you may recognize this map, it was hosted here for a short time but had to be romoved as the developer had entered it into a cont...


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Some of you may recognize this map, it was hosted here for a short time but had to be romoved as the developer had entered it into a contest; One of the rules of this contest was that the map could not be available to the public. Now that the contest is over, the map has been re-submitted, although changed slightly, (including the title) it is once again available for your enjoyment. Soultaker also requested that his readme be published as it is submitted...because the readme section does not except code, I will publish it here in the description fireld. Enjoy.

Soldiers: History:

This is a small map, which I have used an incredibly lot of time on used on, considering its gameplay. Also, if you could see the triggers you would see that I used hell of a lot of variables (around 91) in able to optimize it to the max in it's bomberman style.

It all started when I scammed through's forum, and I saw a post about a 2D tournament. Then the next 3 days I used some time making the general system for this map. At first, it was full of bugs (like all my maps), but finally after 2 months this is what it has come to.

This later on entered in a contest on , which it got a 16/20 score in. The direct link is here: .


You start out my voting the settings for the fight. In total there are 5 different choices, 10 kills, 20 kills, 5 min, 10 min and 15 min. Then you get a choice choosing your main weapon, a Flamethrower, a Rocket Launcher or a Shotgun (see stats further down).

The map consists of 35 different squares, set up in a 7 x 5 area, that just excactly fits the camera mode (see image). Then you start out at a random spot in the map, and you have to move around using your arrowkeys. First click to turn, second to move.

Every once in a while (based on number of players), a powerup will spawn at a random spot, but you can read more about that further down.

The rest is pretty basic, you have to fight your opponents through whatever setting you have chosen using your weapons.


Main Weapons:

[Q] Flamethrower - Sprays out a deadly swarm of fire that damages enemies in front of you. [Q] Rocket Launcher - Shoots out a huge rocket killing anyone in its path [Q] Shotgun - Shoots out a burst of projectiles in front of you dealing 230 damage (without powerups).

Secondary weapons:

[W] Bomb - Sets a bomb at your current position that will explode within 5 seconds killing all units in 1 square radius. Also destroys powerups. [E] Stab - Kills all enemies that are at the same location as you. [R] Defuse Bomb - Stops all bombs at your current location.


There are 7 different kinds of powerups:

Extra damage, extra range, gold coins, healing pack, invulnerability, teleport and random.

You should be able to guess their meaning.

You are allowed to…

Host this map, anytime, anywhere. Upload this to your website, saying that I made it. (Would be nice if you wrote an email first)

You are NOT allowed to…

At any time say that this map was made by you. Modify this map by any means without writing to me. Put this map into a mod without writing to me (but, you’ll properly get allowed if you ask me)


Give me suggestions at, Soultaker at or Soultaker-DK @ Northrend.

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