A mix between turn based strategy game, arena battles and other miscellaneous possibilities (it’s not like normal chess). Consider the game to last about one and a half hours if played with 4 players.

Select one of your own units during your turn to let circles appear on the ground. The gray ones are blocked, green ones to move, red ones to attack an enemy or to use a Field Attack. Selecting your king or pressing ESC during your turn will show up a menu for different actions. The unit’s hotkeys are: Q W E and R (depending on the position of the abilities).

The board is shaped like a cross (so the forces don't overlap in the corners), there are 4 healing fields in the middle. Each player has 10 units and loses if his king-type unit dies. The players take turns to move their units.

During your turn you can either: Move a unit Attack a unit (Arena)

  • Instead of killing a unit directly an arena fight is triggered (both units become unpaused and transported to a random arena). The attacker has +25% attackspeed and +10% movementspeed. The winning unit will reach a higher level (maximum is level 3) and gather 3 Soulpoints; the loser will acquire 5 Soulpoints.
Attack a unit (Field Attack)
  • Some units (averagely 2 per race) have Field Attacks. Instead of triggering an arena fight the attacker will attack once or cast a single spell to hurt / weaken the victim.
Skip your own turn Increase the level of one of your units by paying 10 Soulpoints Cast your race specific Soulpower or Do unrelated stuff until the turn time runs out (1:30 minutes)

Some features of this map are: Long lasting fun due to 8 completely different races. 6 different arenas to fight in. A tutorial and a detailed info section (F9) to understand the rules. A well thought-out system for collecting Soulpoints.

New features of this map include: Board Abilities. Global spells with extravagant cinematics. Certain changes to prevent the players from “hiding” at their starting positions. Various just-for-fun extras, including music change, renaming, random taunts and a third-person-camera. Player 1 (Red) can easily change the terrain of the board.

Refer to the readme for more information and gameplay hints.



NEW: -Use a Board Ability
Similar to Field Attacks, Board Abilities end your turn after usage. However, they don't require a hostile target like Field Attacks do.
All Soldier-types have "Soul Release":
Sets the soul of this unit free: it gains 20% bonusdamage, +1 armor and instantly restores 2 manapoints. The effect lasts for the duration of the next battle of this unit. However, you won't gain any Soulpoints from this battle. Using this ability multiple times won't make the bonuses stack, only the manarestoration does.
All Archer-types have "Fortify":
Attackers won't have any Attacker's Advantage (attack&movespeed bonus) against it. Lasts until the unit uses a Field Attack, attacks another unit or until it moves onto another field.
All Caster-types have "Meditate":
Restores 1 Manapoint to this and all nearby allied units (covers 9 fields).

-Levelup / Soulpower
As mentioned before you gather Soulpoints by fighting. But you also gather Soulpoints by occupying the king fields (+1 Soulpoint per round) and the healing fields in the middle (+2 Soulpoints per round). Those Soulpoints can be spend to increase the level of a unit for 10 Soulpoints (neither a king nor Aznereth) or to cast the race-specific Soulpower. Both options can be found in the menu which shows up if you select your king or press ESC.
Soulpowers are extremely powerful and may change the tide of the battle. Some drain all Soulpoints beoming more effective with each point, others have a static cost.

1-4, they can pick out of 8 completely different races.
1: To get a first impression. Creeps will spawn but they won't move at all.
2: Works. Not recommended though – some races have big advantages here.
3: Big disadvantage for the player in the middle.
4: That's the way it's meant to be played.
All games are FFA.

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