Spawn War

spawn_war_4p.zip —


spawn.-Each player's Hero and Bodyguards can be revived from the tower of their colour near the HQThe objective is to destroy the other team's fortress which is opposite yours, but in their base. Enemy militia units will spawn as soon as an allied unit enters their base, each wave will consist of 64 Militias. Destroying each of the 6 castles on either side of the enemy's base will reduce the number of Militias spawned by 8That's all you need to know really, have fun, and please make sure to inform me of any errors/bugs. Also any feedback would be greatly appreciatedMany thanks for the guys at HiveWorkshop for the awesome models, skills and help i received during the making of this map:MajinGeneral FrankTank CommanderBluebayPaladonThe_WitcherKisameMaker-Berz-TurieLNorinradDomokunNoxtran-BerzekeR-Maker


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