SWAT: Aftermath

Cooperative map against waves of computer-controlled enemies. Teamwork is essential as is using each class's strengths to their fullest. Ene...


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Cooperative map against waves of computer-controlled enemies. Teamwork is essential as is using each class's strengths to their fullest. Enemies are numerous and extremely dangerous, resulting in non-stop and intense action.

Despite the courageous efforts of the original S.W.A.T. team, the government resorted to nuclear detonation in a vain attempt to end the infestation of Raccoon City. Not only did the blast fail to keep the zombies down, but the intense city-wide radiation bestowed new mutant abilities unto the minions!

Bravo team was testing new, advanced equipment in a secret bomb shelter when the explosion devastated the city. You are a member of this team, and your squad now has the daunting task of eliminating this threat once and for all. But saving the city requires more than shooting undead.

A scientist in a secret lab under the original S.W.A.T. Headquarters is working on an antidote for the virus using the components recovered by Alpha team. You must prove its effectiveness by curing and evacuating civilians. You must also prepare the city for external aid by restoring power and reducing radiation. Successful completion of these objectives will save the city and possibly the nation!

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Download 'war3after13.zip' (1.99MB)

* Multiple difficulty levels scale every aspect of the game, providing a fun challenge to new players and pros alike 
* Difficulty adjusts based on the number of players so soloers or teams of any size can enjoy the game 
* Extensive randomization ensures a new experience every time 
* Three interactive and diverse victory objectives encourage aggressive, explorative play 
* Customize your hero by selecting from one of eight distinct and balanced classes, three armor styles, and fourteen special traits 
* Record rank codes to advance your hero across multiple games, even offline; rank brings prestige and combat bonuses but never outweighs player skill 
* Uniquely-designed hero, skill, item, and monster systems, all based on sci-fi technology 
* Very challenging, hero-focused gameplay requires teamwork, micromanagement, and strategy 
* Voting system allows players to kick teamkillers and laggers 
* Map is professionally polished and endured extensive play-testing

Why does it say invalid when loading my code?
Rank codes are specific to your account name. You must play using the exact same name you were using when you earned the code.

Is this game similar to NotD?
Yes. Both games, and many others too, fall into the survival genre. SWAT focuses more on completing objectives and ranking your customized hero than simply surviving; that's why it's in the RPG section.

Can I play by myself?
Yes, the game is designed to offer a great experience to soloers of all skill levels. You should try a team game on occasion too though; they're also exciting.

This game sucks!
That's fine. I would appreciate more-specific feedback though. Much of the game has been shaped by fan feedback from the SWAT community.

Is this game old?
The first version of SWAT: Aftermath was released late in 2004, so yes, it's old. However, it has been hugely improved and refined since then, providing an excellent gaming experience. This latest version is also fixed for the war3 patches that came out since then.

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