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This is an excellent, however untested, modification by IceFire. This will extend your Warcraft III Tech Trees. The Readme is extensive and...


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This is an excellent, however untested, modification by IceFire. This will extend your Warcraft III Tech Trees. The Readme is extensive and will help you with all your installation needs!

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by IceFire

(for Warcraft III: ROC)

For those of you who (like me) want to build a super army and aren't happy with the rather backward and puny units available in the game: problem solved.

This is a unit set file that can be imported into any map file using
World Editor. I have no idea if it works for Frozen Throne maps.

I have massively extended the tech trees of all four races. There are a wide variety of new units, many of which are taken from formerly "Special" or "Neutral" units in the game (and altered, of course). All the original techtrees for the races have been left as is. The tech tree goes beyond the old limits now, though. To quickly summarize...

Humans can now become technologically quite advanced - faster rates of fire, more advanced defensive structures, attack tanks and eventually a war robot. The magical branch of the tech-tree gets into some heavy summoning capabilities, eventually allowing the summoning (at great expense) of Peons, Acolytes, and Wisps, allowing human players to diversify into other races tech trees.

Orcs have a relatively early advantage summoning a variety of enhanced golems, followed by the ability to summon up to four dragons as well. The high end of their tech tree is relatively undeveloped requiring a fast game for the new orcs.

Undead have probably the most complicated tech tree, with lots of branches and lots of extensions. The most important things are the Infected Grainary (which can fast-produce scores of cheap, weak undead) and the Demon Gate which enables the summoning of various interesting monsters, culminating in the extremely powerful Demon God.

Night-Elves have, at the end of their existing magical research, a choice between good and evil magic (or the undecisive player can always split resources between both...). The production of corrupted trees, etc., enables the creation of magically enhanced dark-elvin combatants. The summoning of High-Elf emmissaries can result in the creation of quite powerful magical defensive towers and magically enhanced High-Elf combat units.

Excruciatingly detailed step-by-step Instructions:

1. Open any Warcraft III:ROC map in the Warcraft III World Editor.
2. Select Module, Unit Editor on the main window.
3. Select File, Import Unit Settings on the Unit Editor window.
4. Open TechExtend.w3u in the Import Data Unit browse window.
5. Close Unit Editor Module
6. Select Scenario, Map Description
7. Put something at the end of "Name" so you'll know (in the game) that this is the map with the extended tech tree.
8. Select File, Save As, type in a new filename for the map (in the same directory where you keep the rest of your maps) and hit Save.

9. Start Warcraft should know what to do from here on...
10. Enjoy.


Let me stress that this is my BETA release. I think I've gotten most of the bugs out but I'm sure there are still a few. And of course there's still some balancing to do.

I welcome comments, suggestions, or anyone who wants to make additions of their own, just make sure you add something to the name and give me credit, blah blah blah. Oh, and let me know so I can try it out ;)

[email protected]

Oh yeah...the legal disclaimer thing...

1. This file, and the unique system of related units and buildings, etc., that it includes, were created by me. Most of the units and buildings themselves were pre-existing. But the new relationships between these items within the game were my unique creation. Therefore, they are mine.

2. Go ahead and make changes if you want to. 

2a. If you do, please keep the original name "TechExtend", but add something at the end (your initials, your game nickname, whatever) to distinguish your version from mine. 
2b. Don't forget to give me (IceFire) credit as original author. 
2c. Please email a copy of your new version to me to learn from. And yes, maybe copy from (giving you credit, of course).
2d. All the above is caveated by the assumption that all such altered versions will be subject to point 3 below, and all its subpoints.

3. You can distribute this file, and whatever maps or other add-ons incorporating this enhanced techtree in any way you see fit.

3a. Such distributions must be free. If you want to charge anyone for the use of, access to, or any other interesting arrangement that involves people paying so that they can use this product, get my permission first.

....And so on and so forth and henceforth and heretofore and...yeah, I think that covers everything.

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