The Battle for Helm's Deep



Your objective is to destroy all enemy orcs. Since the Ûruk-hai respawn at the five orc camps, it's recommanded to destroy these first (the camps are seen in the cinematic). Note that you'll only be able to destroy the camps once it has been 6 o'clock (when Gandalf arrives with the reinforcements) Your ballistas are certainly your most powerful arms, so use them carefully and try not to lose them.

Victory Conditions: Destroy all encampments and all enemy Ûruk-hai Defeat Conditions: Lose Aragorn and King Theoden



The Battle for Helm's Deep (beta version)
Created by: Eleandor
E-mail: vanbebar@hotmail[DOT]com

Installation Instructions: Put this file (helm.w3x) in your map folder 
(example path: c:\program files\warcraft III\maps )
Suggested Players: 1

This is still a beta version. If anyone
* Discovers bugs
* knows a way to make the Donjon look better
* can give tips for improving this map
* Discovers a way to win this game in a very lame way
then please email me!

Enjoy playing this map!

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