The Battle of Dun Morogh

In this map you battle in the area of Dun Morogh (The place some of you may know from wow since it's where Ironforge is, and the starting ar...


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In this map you battle in the area of Dun Morogh (The place some of you may know from wow since it's where Ironforge is, and the starting area for gnomes and dwarfs) In "The Battle of Dun Morogh" you fight as either Human/alliance or Orc/Horde, in a well known place many years after the wow story ends. It got a self made lore witch is very realistic through. If you like action packed 1v1 maps, this is definitely something for you. For more info please refer to the very detailed Readme.txt.

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						§1 - Installation Info
						§2 - Map Info
						§3 - The lore
				 		§4 - Legal info
						§5 - Contact info
						§6 - Other notes

						-- §1 --
To install this map, simply unpack/unextract it to your desktop or any other location of your choice, and copy "(2)Battle of Dun Morogh" to dirWarcraft IIIMaps
Fx. C:program filesWarcraft IIIMaps or a similar location like C:program filesWarcraft IIIMapsdownloaded
Then start up your Warcraft III Frozen Throne and start a game (either or Local Area Network) and browse to the place you saved the map.
The map will by default be named "(2)Battle of Dun Morogh"

						-- §2 --
This map is a 1v1 multiplayer map (note: AI(bot's) does NOT work in it).
You can fight as either "The Horde" (orc's) or "The Humans/alliance" (Humans)
This map does not feature any "real" quest's as the goal is simple. - Win no matter the cost!
If you do not manage to Win your "faction" (either The Horde or The Humans/Alliance, Will fail badly! (read more in §3 - The lore)

						-- §3 --
Many years have pasted since the secound war, and the world has been at peace, but now, a new war has erupted.
The Horde is the dominating faction this time,  and has already claimed large areas of Eastern Kingdom. They have now arrived in Dun Morogh, the land of the once mighty dwarfs.
But it is not like that anymore, the dwafs fleed underground, and sealed the tunnels behind them during the end of the secound war, when the world exploded.
But there was something they did not for see.. Down in the darkness evilness it self, one of the old Gods, was lurking, resting, but the dwarfs woke it up with all there explosives.
The Old God released its anger on the dwarfs, and slaughtered them all, one, by one.. 
The Night Elves, was the first to feel the wrath of the Horde, and there land was annihilated. Some went to stormwind, the Humans capital, to ask for help.
Most got accepted into the army, and they now fight side by side with the Humans. A few Night Elves turned there back to the Alliance, and now wander the world as Assassins or mercenaries,
Killing for the highest offers, useing there skills to see and wander unknown in the darkest of night.
The Alliance army is facing a hard time. All the Horde raids makes it hard for them to sleep, and lack of security makes it almost impossible for the farmers to gather enough food for everyone.
Hungry and tired, they wander from battle to battle, with there new leader. -Lord Bulgar. 
The Horde got plenty of food, and there new Warchief Kanu have driven them mad, and is the reason why they are on a endless rampage for blood.
As of now, the worlds end is near, unless the forces of the Alliance can beat The Horde at this very place, Dun Morogh.

						-- §4 --
This map may be distributed and/or modified as long as credit is given to me for the creation of the map.
Also, this map may be included in mappacks and things like that but still, only as long as credit is given to me for the creation.
I reserve all rights to do what i want when i want without any questions be asked concerning this map.

						-- §5 --
If you want to contact me by any reason. You can do so by email at:

						-- §6 --
Please do not redistribute my email address, and do not mail me about things such as other maps. If i want you to know, you would know

Your sincerely,
The creator


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