The Final Stand

The Final Stand v1.09 by Scourgey

The aim of this map is to simply defend the paladin on the south...


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The Final Stand v1.09 by Scourgey

The aim of this map is to simply defend the paladin on the south of the map from the endless hordes of undead invading from the north.

This is accomplished by using your array of spells and hirable units to fend off the endless hordes of undead.

The game consists of 12 rounds and at the end of each round the paladin creates a blast of holy energy that wipes out any undead allowing you a small amount of time to prepare for the next onslaught. The paladin also resurrects any fallen comrades at this point.

Not quite as simple as it sounds, in order to survive and win, you will need to act as a team and utilise all heroes!

Key Features:

- Fast furious action - Strong Focus on use of hero abilities, not passive items. - Max hero lvl 20, heroes have 5 hero skills and 1 innate skill. - Heroes start at level 5, with a skill point in each skill, allowing your hero to be useful immediately. - Select from Easy/Medium/Hard/Impossible Difficulty to determine the strength of the enemy you face. - Hit points of undead units are scaled depending on number of players that joined at the start of the game to provide a challenge even with more players!

Check out Eternal Guardians if you haven't done so!

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You have currently 5 Mage heroes to pick from these are:

Fire Elementalist - Pure damage

Fireball (Innate)
Flame Wave
Flame of Transportation
Fire Storm
Rain of Fire
Hell Fire

Ice Elementalist - Utility and very high Damage

Ice Bolt (Innate)
Ice Blast
Ice Storm
Frost Nova
Orb of Frost
Frozen Orb

Air Elementalist - Strong Utility and high damage

Teleport other (innate)
Static Field
Force Nova
Lightning Bolt

Necromancer - Summoner and manipulator

Summon Corpse Wagon (Innate)
Wall of Bone
Animate Dead Ward
Create Major Undead
Corpse Explosion Ward
Control Undead

Witch Doctor - Strong Support and summoner.

Brew Potion (Innate)
Serpent Ward
Voodoo Curse
Ward of Curses
Ward of Calling
Voodoo spirits

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