The Story of the Norj'Hal Elves



The Story of the Norj'Hal Elves begins with the fall of the highborne at the ancient Well of Eternity and as far as outside scholars know it ends in the Reign of Chaos.

The Norj'Hal Elves campaign is one of the most ambitious RPG mapping projects that you will find. Now complete, Act I features:

* Four maps all interconnected like the Orc-X campaign. * Unique map transition method that allows units to transfer with heroes. * Fifteen polished and original quests, some spanning multiple maps. * Gorgeous terrain.

Act I opens with the text cards below, set to foreboding music. The story builds to an epic cliffhanger, foreshadowing an event that seemed marginal in the Reign of Chaos saga, which CaptainPicard has taken, expaned, and scrupulously checked against the rest of the warcraft lore.

"I am Aszune, ancient Princess of the Moon Children. None may pass until my heart is returned to me..."

"Ten thousand years ago, the Kaldorei rose up against the Burning Legion and sundered the world of Azeroth..."

"Broken, the world struggled to heal as its races clung to the quaking, divided remnants of Kalimdor."

"The Kaldorei returned to the surviving moonglades of Mount Hyjal, vigilant against the Legion's expected return."

"Another branch of the ancient Kaldorei took root to the East, in a land they would come to know as Quel'Thalas."

"But another seed of the Moon Children fell in snowy mountains to the North: a reclusive race called the Norj'Hal."

"As the Kaldorei kept their long vigil, their eastern descendants undertook a new elven kingdom: Silvermoon."

"And, inexplicably and in secret, the Norj'Hal elders consigned their history to a set of scrolls for none but their own order even to read again."

"Over time, even these Bahr'Tan elders came to disregard their history."

"Until an ominous twilight descended over their land, at that history returned, at last..."



I've been play-testing as I go, and farming this out to various beta testors. I have yet to see them find a major bug--it's mostly been responses about gameplay, which I have taken to heart.

* Over 30,000 lines of trigger code.
* Twenty quality cutscenes, in total roughly an hour of cinematography.
* Over 150 custom enemy units.
* Four exceptional custom heroes.
* A playable custom race that opens up unique and exciting strategies.
* Over 60 custom spells.
* More than 100 custom items, plus the ability to build items at workstations.
* Custom doodads to create everything from a docked fleet of Undead battleships to the exquisite marble of Azshara's ancient temple.

* All open source and unprotected.

The gameplay in the beginning is designed to be quick thanks to the amulets you start out with, but that doesn't give you license to take on every foe. I've been very careful about stating quest objectives, so use the Quest Log and plan accordingly

If and when I get around to Act II, she's baaack. And nothing will stand in her way as she reclaims her lost heart. Let alone her former subjects.

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