Boy Oh Boy is the modding community in for a treat today...

I couldn't help but notice a map submission by Callahan called the World of G...


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Boy Oh Boy is the modding community in for a treat today...

I couldn't help but notice a map submission by Callahan called the World of Genesis, and it got me thinking... hold on this something like the project I've been working on for the past few years. Similar to Callahan, the motivation of this project was also inspired by Legend of Magnador... but it took a completely different route.

This project has been hidden in the shadows for the past (4 years? has it been that long?) Why is it taking so long? I have a god damn life. Haha, the project has been on and off. I've taken months (even years off) at a time on working on it. Yes my dedication has dwindled, but the quality of the map has not.

so without further ado, allow me to reveal to the world... my masterpiece. [COLOR="Purple"] time[/COLOR][COLOR="DarkOrange"]Break[/COLOR]


Here are some FAQ's... [COLOR="LightBlue"] What is timeBreak?[/COLOR]

It's a Final Fantasy style RPG but multiplayer. Think along the lines of a Chrono Trigger and Crisis Core hybrid. (Although i began the project long before Crisis Core was released, when i finally played through Crisis Core i noticed many similarities) BUT... It's multiplayer. Play in a party of 3, in a Final Fantasy style battle system. It's real time though.


[COLOR="LightBlue"]Real Time Multiplayer Battle System? What the hell? [/COLOR]Haha. Yes i have created a system where friends can work together controlling one character a piece.


Here are some of the features of this system:

Essence Charge Magic System: Magic in the world of Gaia must be charged before it is cast. To charge a magic, you first must consume the energy of either an essence or relic. Once charged, you click "Cast Magic' and aim it. It's that simple, but that beautiful. In the current version I have created over 60 magic spells.

Double/Triple Tech Magics: Charging and not casting certain magic in the right combination can unlock certain powerful double and triple tech spells. Won't give them away just yet though. Although I might create a chart for the final release.

Limit Break (Trance System): As in any Final Fantasy styled combat there are limit breaks. timeBreak inherits the trance system from FF9. When your limit bar reaches 100% you enter a state of trance and are exponentially more powerful. In addition you now have access to a powerful limit break spell. (Your Limit Break spell depends on your weapon. In this demo version, you will not have access to different weapons. Too bad, most limit break spells (not the ones im showing you) are extremely flashy.

Attribute Growth. Your characters stats grow in two ways: 1, By Progressing in the story and gaining star levels and summon bonuses. 2. By killing enemies. Through the attribute system, after a certain amount of kills you gain an attribute point to raise your Vigor, Power or Spirit. (Health, Physical Damage, Magic Damage)

[COLOR="LightBlue"]Is there a story? [/COLOR]Hell Yes there is. It's an epic scaled story, but I won't give you any hint on what it is about. (You will get some small teaser's playing through this Demo Stage though) The heart of timeBreak lies in its cinematic cutscenes. All skippable.


[COLOR="LightBlue"]How far along are you in terms of completion? [/COLOR]Hmm... Battle System: 100%.

Terrain: 95-100% (The World is complete, but i might need to add some new stuff for further content in the story)

Story 80-85%: Rough estimate. I am currently triggering the final stages of the story. Triggering these cinematics is the longes part. Creating Boss fights also takes a long time. Nothing too hard though. I'm a master at this. Let me give you an Idea. The main story is divided into 10 chapters. Right now I am on chapter 7. (But I completed dozens of other side missions)


Questions and Comments are now welcome. I will not however reveal anything related to the storyline, nor unexposed content. Why would I want to ruin the experience of casting a new spell or meeting a new villain for the first time? (And trust me, i hid all the eye-catching content away from this DEMO)

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Download 'timebreakdemo.w3x' (3.5MB)

This is only a DEMO of a large scale project.
It's called timeBreak and it is an real time crisis-core/chronotrigger styled RPG that can be played in a team of up to 3 players.

This is a one of a kind map and was inspired by Legend of Magnador.
There's really no way for me to describe the amount of perfection which it strives to achieve.

I must stress that this is only a DEMO of the map. You are not playing the game in its actual order.

Because of this, this DEMO reveals only hints of what the story is. I'd like to save this experience for the real release.

How far along am I in this project? Well... I've been working on it in the shadows as my master creation for over 4 years and this is the first time i've ever released it to the light of day. That tells you something about how close I am to finishing it doesn't it? F.Y.I I deleted over 500 triggers for this demo release, so don't expect any hints.

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