To the Bitter End (1.0.02)



Council of Six. Now finally their pleas for help are answered: five legendary heroes arrive from beyond the crimsom storms of the warp, seeking to topple Morganem's corrupt Empire.But Morganem will not step silently into the darkness of history, and he prepares to fight these interlopers to the bitter end.Official Site:http://www.familykrieg.com/tothebitterendOverview:A story-driven, single-player action RPG, "To the Bitter End" has been over six years in the making and features an original setting and with completely original characters, abilities, items and spells.Control a small group of legendary heroes as they travel throughout the Plane of Ithia, battling the forces of the tyrant sorcerer Morganem over eight Chapters and two cinematic-only maps.Be prepared to react quickly to changing battlefield conditions and use your abilities strategically to counter whatever the enemy throws at you. Face a variety of challenges, from sneaking out of a prison to taking on a whole army head-on to duelling enemy immortals one on one.During your battles, gain experience and grow in power to truly superhuman levels. Wield abilities that can break the backs of armies. But beware, for your foes are powerful and relentless enough to be a match even for your mighty heroes.Be prepared for a challenge as you snatch victory from the jaws of defeat and conquer enemies that seemed insurmountable.


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