To the Bitter End | Chapter V: Reunion

The conclusion (or is it?) to 'To the Bitter End campaign is upon us...congratulations for making it this far...but it's not quite ov...


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The conclusion (or is it?) to 'To the Bitter End campaign is upon us...congratulations for making it this far...but it's not quite over yet, you still have to come out of this one on the right side of dead! To be triumphant in your quest, and emerge as the champion of the multiverse, you must take control of Soul Reaver, Fei Serumen, Clutchfiend and Kitharsis as they try to reunite with Sera Poi and protect the Guardians from Morganem's wrath.

With just one more companion to find, Soul Reaver, Fei Serumen, Clutchfiend and Kitharsis find themselves embroiled in a brutal war between the besieged Guardians and Morganem's armies... Is this the Bitter End? Maby...but only until the next Chapter is released. Watch for To the Bitter End | Chapter VI: Harbingers of War!!

Be sure to see the readme for more information and installation instructions.

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To the Bitter End
Chapter V: Reunion
(Beta release)

Single Player Action RPG/Campaign

With just one more companion to find, Soul Reaver, Fei Serumen, Clutchfiend 
and Kitharsis find themselves embroiled in a brutal war between the besieged 
Guardians and Morganem's armies...


Map description:

Control Soul Reaver, Fei Serumen, Clutchfiend and Kitharsis as they try to 
reunite with Sera Poi and protect the Guardians from Morganem's wrath.

Installation instructions:

Put the .w3x file into a folder named "To the Bitter End" (without quotation 
marks, obviously) in your Warcraft III "maps" folder.
You can play the game by starting The Frozen Throne, then selecting 'Single 
Player', 'Custom Game', and then navigating to the map and selecting it.
It helps to have your video settings for Warcraft III set to high quality, 
or some custom skins in some of the campaign might look a little... weird.

Other notes:

For further info and an extensive manual, check the 'official site' at

This is the fifth of a series beta releases, it is suggested you play this 
one after Chapter IV: Heart of Ice.

The other releases in the series thus far are:
Chapter I: Dark Dawn
Chapter II: The Dream of Blood
Chapter III: Juggernaut
Chapter IV: Heart of Ice
They can all be found at the official site at

Although I am solely responsible for creating this map, the central 
characters featured in this campaign, as well as the Multiverse in which it 
is set, were envisaged by the writers at The Administorum 
( - come and stop by (and join us, 
if you think you're up for it!).

This was my first serious attempt at a campaign map, and my first release.  
I was going to wait until I had completed the campaign in its entirety 
before releasing anything, but at the request of one of my Administorum 
friends, I decided to release the completed Chapters here.  Since the 
campaign itself not complete, this classifies the maps as beta releases.  
Unfortunately, with all my current commitments, it may be some time before I 
get the maps done.

Some known bugs or issues (with suggested workarounds):

- Does not automatically start Chapter VI: Harbingers of War on 
completion... because that map hasn't been completed yet!
- Some of the characters' textures look strange. (Solution: set the texture 
quality in the video settings to the highest available setting).

A word on cinematics:

- It IS now possible to skip any of the cinematics.  However, although I 
have tested it and done my best to make it functional, it is still possible 
that there are some bugs in this.  If you find any, I would be very happy if 
you contacted me and told me about it.
- One problem that is certain is that, if you skip the cinematics, any items 
or abilities that might have 'cooled down' and become available over the 
course of the cinematic will now not do this.  This means that if you want 
to use those items/abilities often, you may have to wait around more... and 
if there's a timer counting down while you wait, that might not be 
advisable.  This isn't a major thing, but it does mean that the game might 
be more difficult if you skip the cinematics.
- On the other hand, certain summoned creatures whose duration may have been 
'meant' to decay somewhat during the cinematic will also not do this if you 
skip the cinematic.
- You are advised to watch the cinematics at least once.  They will often 
give you instructions as to what to do next and offer clues as to what to 
expect.  Making sense of the game plot without them would be pretty 
- If you want to be sure to experience the game how it was meant to be 
played, then don't skip the cinematics.  That's how I planned the level out 
and how I spent the most time testing it.


- You can play this map even if you haven't completed Dark Dawn, The Dream 
of Blood, Juggernaut or Heart of Ice.  You'll start with heroes of an 
appropriate Experience level and unused skill points that you can spend as 
you see fit.  But only Morganem's lackeys would play Chapter V without 
completing Chapter I, II, III and IV first, and surely you aren't one of 
- Use your quest log if unsure of what to do next... that's what it's there 
- Read the tooltips if you want to know what an ability or item does.  In 
fact, this is strongly recommended.
- Your items are re-usable.  However, they have long cooldown times.  Save 
them for when you need them, and then unleash hell.
- Your abilities are by now more impressive than your items (especially your 
ultimates, which can often end a battle).  However, your items are still 
valuable and can give you a vital edge in battle when used strategically.
- Sphere of Annihilation and Cataclysm are appropriately named, because they 
will pretty much obliterate ANYTHING in the target area.  That includes 
things you might prefer to keep un-obliterated, such as yourself.
- By now all your basic skills should be at their maximum levels, so you 
will get a Skill Point every time you level up.
- Your four characters will be split up during the first part of this quest. 
  Assign a hotkey to each of them and be prepared to jump around the map 
often to control a hero where he is needed.  This is going to require a lot 
of micomanagement, a great deal of vigilance, and very quick fingers.
- During the first part of your quest you can call for reinforcements by 
clicking on one of the Bell Towers in the towns you are protecting.  These 
look like the Guard Towers from standard Warcraft III.  Although the Bell 
Towers are not your colour, they do belong to you and you can use the 'Ring 
Alarm Bell' ability when you click on them.  Ringing the alarm bell will 
cause the Guardians to send help to the outpost where you rang the bell.
- The Guardians can only help one town at a time and cannot be redeployed if 
they are currently in combat, so choose carefully where to call them to.  It 
is usally best to reinforce a town where the hero is low on HP or MP just 
generally needs help to finish their opponents quickly.
- After defeating a wave of enemies attacking a town, it is probably a good 
idea to have the hero there rest.
- The enemy attack in waves of 4, with each wave attacking one town and 
(hopefully) you will have a brief break after each 4 waves.  This would be a 
good time to save the game.
- Try your very best to protect the unit-producing buildings in the 
outposts.  They will be very useful, both now and in the future.
- When the timer indicating Theros' return is about to expire (with about 3 
minutes left), Morganem will launch his final 4 waves.  After a wave 
completes, it may help to relocate the hero from that wave to another town 
to help them against their attackers.  Since the final wave is very tough, 
having help from the other companions (and/or Sorin) can make it a lot 
easier to survive.
- The second part of the map features a huge battle.  With so many enemy 
troops in one place, they're just begging for a Sphere of Annihilation or 
Cataclysm spell... just be sure not to hit any allies with it.
- Keep an eye on the Prince's and King's health.  Though they sometimes 
retreat if badly wounded, it may be too late for them then.  Try not to 
deploy the reinforcements if the hero leading them looks like he won't 
survive the battle.
- When Sera Poi finally joins you, you will have some time to distribute her 
skill points.  However, you may not have enough time to read the 
descriptions of all her abilities before the battle begins... so, when Sera 
Poi joins you, save the game, then read the tooltips.  After that, load the 
game and select the skills you want.
- When assaulting the enemy base, keep an eye on the allied heroes.  Be 
especially careful that they don't get into a battle with the enemy heroes 
guarding the Portals too early, since they probably won't survive such an 
encounter.  It's best to strke first, and take out the enemy heroes guarding 
the Portals before your allied heroes attract their attention.
- The very final battle is incredibly hard, and the enemies can quickly beat 
the companions into a pulp if you let them.  However, you will be at full 
strength with full mana when facing them, so your best option is to end the 
battle as quickly as you can.  Start by having all the heroes hold position, 
then casting Sera's Face of the Heavens over the battlefield - it will give 
you a significant advantage.  Cast Sphere of Annihilation and Cataclym at 
your enemies, use Nature's Wrath if you get the chance, and feel free to 
follow this up with Psychic Onslaught, Unbridled Rage, Celerity, or 
basically anything in your arsenal that you can throw.  Try to use any 
stun-inducing abilities you may have - even if the stun is brief - to 
interrupt the enemies should they use their devestating channeled 
Ultimates... which otherwise might well obliterate your entire party.  Also, 
one of your enemies is likely to use a spell (called Sorcerous Seal) which 
will prevent the companions from attacking or using any spells for a brief 
period of time - if this happens, run for it until the spell's duration 
- It is not advisable to activate Sera's Healing Touch autocast unless you 
really want her to use it.  Sera Poi's AI will prioritize healing over 
attacking, and that may not be a good thing.
- You will not reach your maximum experience level in Chapter V.  Obviously.
- Morganem's forces will attack relentlessly and mercilessly.  SAVE OFTEN.
- Don't expect to find Raziel from the Legacy of Kain series in this game.  
I've been using the name Soul Reaver for my RPG alter-ego since long before 
even the first Blood Omen came out.  The Soul Reaver in this map is an 
original character.

Storyline FAQ:

Q: What exactly is a 'Nephilim'?
A: A Nephilim is a being that is part-angel.  In Sera Poi's case, her father 
Kawanua is a fallen angel, and her mother, Samantha (now deceased), is an 
Q: Who are the Guardians?
A: They are an order of mortal warriors, priests and Paladins, sworn to 
protect these lands.  They worship a god called Radgar.
Q: Alright then, if they are just mortal humans, then why are the Guardians 
(and the King and Prince heroes especially) so powerful?
A: The Templar Knights and Marksmen are equipped by the finest blacksmiths 
and train from childhood for their sacred duty.  The Clerics channel 
powerful divine magic granted to them by Radgar.  And the Prince and King 
are from a family that was infused with some divine blood ages ago by Radgar 
himself so that they might fulfill their sacred duty.  This is why the King 
and Prince are a lot stronger than most mortal human heroes would normally 
Q: During the victory cinematic, Soul Reaver makes some allusion to his 
past.  What does he mean?  And is it relevant?
A: Soul Reaver has a very long and tragic past, and relating it all would 
take far too long.  Suffice to say that in the past, Soul Reaver killed his 
own son in order to preserve his ideals of honor and justice.  He sees it as 
the moment where he severed his last ties with mortality and became an 
immortal hero - sacrificing his own happiness in the process.  And no, it's 
not relevant to the overall plot, but it is part of what makes Soul Reaver 
who he is.
Q: What's the name of that cool song you used for this map?
A: "Karma", by "Kamelot".  Buy the album, it's worth it.

Special Thanks/Credits:

- Me, for being insane enough to make this all by myself.
- Clutchfiend, Kitharsis, Fei and all the other writers, past, present and 
future, at The Administorum.  That place wouldn't be what it is without you 
- Larc for helping me with some weapon models.  You were quick, efficient 
and extremely helpful in resolving a major map issue.  Thank you!
- Thanks to all the folks at The War Center map making forums 
( for helping me 
in my early days and inspiring me to keep trying.  Special thanks to 
1)ragonspawn for helping teach me how to deal with memory leaks.
- Everyone who submits their custom abilities and spells freely for use at  You helped teach me how to do this stuff and provided 
a lot of inspiration.
- Warnicro from  You put a lot of work into getting my 
map links working and then even put them up as featured maps, not to mention 
all the other help and comments you've been prepared to offer.  I really 
appreciate all your efforts.
- Filefront for offering me the chance to host my maps there.
- Kamelot for creating the music I used.  I don't claim to have written this 
- Everyone who play-tested the maps and gave me feedback.  Thank you for 
taking the time to play.
- All the fans.  It means very much to me to know that you enjoy my work.
- Everyone who gives me constructive feedback or takes an interest here.  
Thank you in advance.


Tell me what you think!  Contact me on AIM (SoulReaver166) or e-mail me 
( if you have comments or questions about 
'Reunion', the 'To the Bitter End' campaign, the Multiverse, or Soul Reaver.


Please do not redistribute or modify these files without my permission.  
These map files are not to be sold for profit.

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