Tom and Jerry 2011



you chose from 6 different cats.You need to build base, harvest cheese and lumber, hunt all enemy mouse and kill them. When all mouse are dead you win the game. If you get killed you can revive in your main building for cost of some gold and lumber.You lose if all players from your team are dead.Jerry's team:You start game like 1 mouse, you need to make base quickly and surround it with barricades so cat cant reach you. Then you need to harvest cheese and lumber, make strong army and kill all cats.Remember cat can revive, so it is the best to destroy cat's main building. If you get killed your friends can save you by attacking cage where you will be captured.Cage is always located in center of map.Shops:4 shops with very useful items are located at the center of the map. Some stronger items from this shops can turn game in you advantage.Commands:-tk "on/off" (team kill on/off).-name "text" (change your name)-ms (curent speed of your cat or mouse).-tp "on/off" (tips on/off).Credits:Special Credits go to: Lotor.t, Djordje99 and MishaMap testers: AEtherealPhaser and DynamiczxModel, Skin and icon creators: D.O.G, KelThuzad, Bigapple 90, Anachron, NFWar, 67chrome, Kola, Usedwell, Callahan, General Frank, M0rbid, WILL THE ALMIGHTY, Pyramidhe@d, Dionesiist and Mechanical Man.This map is protected!


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